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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


26. Chapter 26.

Harrys POV


I take the collar of his shirt and hold him still. He knows I am stronger than him.


''They are not ridiculous! Every god damn single one of them have a meaning!'' I yell.


Thank god our mother isn't home, that would've been a nightmare. She has never seen Edward and I fight, even though we do it all the time. I hate my brother, more than anything in the god damn world, and for him to talk about my tattoos that way is just mean. All of my tattoos have a meaning. I don't even know why we got that damn tattoo together. Edward, Marcel and I have a identically tattoo. A cross on the ankle. Why did I even agree to get it? I have a memory from the one who always treated me like shit. I can literally not wait to move out.


''Then tell me… What did the first tattoo you got mean to you?'' He whispers and pull on his ridiculous smirk.

''My first tattoo. You know what my first tattoo means!'' I yell and slam him into the wall.

''I don't know what your first tattoo was!'' He yells back. Yes he does, he is just playing me. ''Suddenly you just had 15 tattoos!'' He yell.


What? I showed them my first tattoo and I clearly remember him sitting there as well. He is lying, I can tell. I don't know how to answer him. Should I explain my first tattoo or should I just bang him against the wall again and tell him how much I hate him. No. I won't give him that happiness. I won't let him win, instead I just let go of him and walk to my room. He doesn't follow thank god. I find Marcel sitting on top of the stairs. What is he doing? He looks up at me, obviously scared as hell. He doesn't speak at all, I guess he overheard Edward and I. Probably oversaw it too. I understand why Marcel is scared of Edward and I. We fight all the fucking time and when we Edward and I don't fight, I am fighting with someone else. Marcel is quick on his feet and he looks straight into my eyes. I want to slap him in the face and yell at him for listening, but I don't want this to suddenly be about Marcel.


''What are you doing?'' I say. 


He sinks and opens his mouth trying to say something, but the only thing that comes out is ''Uhm.. I. Uhm, huh, uh.'' He is too scared. 


''Did you overheard Edward and I?'' I ask.


He starts shaking his head really fast. I don't want him to be scared of me, he is my brother. I lay my hand on his shoulder and his head immediately turns to my hand, then back to me, then back to my hand. His lips are shaking and so is the rest of his body.


''Listen. I don't want you to be scared of me. You are the one of you two I care about. I am not going to be mad at you or yell in your face, I am just asking because I am curious. It's not like you're going to tell anyone and I know that. Just tell me if you heard it or not.'' I feel him starting to relax and his eyes soften.

''I, I… Uhm, I heard.'' He stumbles. 

''Okay.'' I give him a little smile and let my hand fall to my side.


He smiles back and I walk to my room.


Elizabeths POV


I insist on getting the ones with the floral print on, they are so pretty. To my surprise, Joe actually go on with it and he picks them up and we head to pay. It has been a long day with shopping and i never thought I would say this, but I am tired of shopping. Right now I just want to go home and sleep. Great. There is at least 15 minutes of queuing. Joe and I use the time to discuss what we are gonna do on monday when we have our first day at NYU. It is gonna be so amazing, meeting new people, studying new things. Maybe Harry is going to be there? Stop thinking about that god damn boy Elizabeth.     


''Excuse me ma'am?'' What? 


I turn around to see a black haired boy behind the desk. Joe and I was obviously in deep thoughts since non of us noticed that it was already our turn to pay.


''Oh, sorry.'' I laugh.

''It is okay.'' He joins me.


He is wearing an IKEA uniform with rolled up sleeves on the shirt. His eyes is golden brown and his black hair is pulled up in a quiff. What is it with boys and quiffs? Not that I don't like it, but by the time, everything has their hair like this, even Joe. The boys eyelashes are extremely long, longer than mine, and it almost looks like he is wearing eyeliner. I notice his earring. Is he gay? Nothings wrong being gay at all, he is just attractive as hell, but he kinda looks gay. Joe grabs our stuff and we walk out of the store with our hands full. Joe starts laughing again.


''What in the fucking hell is wrong with you today?'' I smile.

''Haha, nothing, forget it.'' He try to pull of his smile, but fails.

''Is it because you think I fancy him as well?'' I smirk. I do. He is hot.

''Yea, sort of.'' He laughs.

''He was a great looking guy.'' I defend myself.

''Yea, and gay.'' He laughs and I join. Joe was thinking the same.


As we pull into our parking lot it isn't empty. A black Range Rover is parked.

The taxi driver must be pissed at us because we use at least 5 minutes to gather all of our stiff together. I give the driver the money and some tips and I can tell that he is forcing himself to smile. He rolls his eyes and quickly drive away. Back to the car. Why is there a car here? Did Joe bought a car? Do we have visitors?


''Oh yea, I forgot to tell you. Marcel is coming over tonight, I hope it is okay with you.'' He reads my mind. 

''It is not like I have a choice.'' I tease. ''How did he even get in?'' 

''I told him the backdoor was open.'' He smiles. Oh.

''Oh, uhm, okay.'' I say as Joe locks up our door. 


I see two boys sitting in the in the kitchen. Probably one of Marcels friends, but he does not even look up, his eyes are locked to the book he is reading. Marcel greets us with a hug and Joe apologize for being late. His friend still does not look up, but he is wearing a blue beanie, black jeans and a white t-shirt with a button up shirt over it. He is wearing white converse as well. I kinda want to know how he looks, but at the same time not. I am afraid I'll get disappointed. Joe walks over to Marcels friend and shake his hand and I walk to my room and collapse on my bed. I pull out my diary and write a few things down before I walk back to the kitchen to get something to eat. 

Joe and his friends had sitting in the living room, probably studying. I don't hear Marcels friend say anything at all. I hope he is not a total dork. I open the fridge and just as I pull out the milk we bought today I hear something behind me. I look back to find Marcels friend sitting on a chair in front of the table, his eyes locked to the floor. Should I talk to him or just leave him alone? I go with option one even though he seems shy.


''Do you want something?'' I ask as I fill the glass with milk. He nods no. Hmm. ''Are you sure? Not even an apple or anything? A glass of water?'' I talk to him like he is a child.

''I said no.'' He looks up and I almost drop the glass of milk I am holding. What is he doing here?

''Uhm, Harry? I, uhm, what are you doing with Marcel?'' I ask him, knowing exactly what he is doing with him.

''If you haven't noticed I am his brother.'' He lifts his eyebrows. I know.

''Why haven't you told me that you had a third brother?''

''You never asked?'' True, I did never ask.

''True.'' I sigh.

''I didn't knew you were rich.'' He says and stands up.

''Rich?'' I am far from rich.

''Look at your house, it is not a usual teenager house.'' Exactly my words.

''I was surprised too.'' I  smile.


He walks to the desk I am leaning on and I suddenly feel my heart racing.


''How is it going with Sophia?'' I ask, not wanting to know the answer. He giggles. Why is he giggling?

''We are not, kinda, together anymore.'' Wait what?


Yesterday night they looked so in love and he hold her like she was his whole world and the way he looked at her was unbelievable. The way his thumb ran in circles on her hand and the way she rubbed his arm to comfort him. It was only yesterday, what happened?


''Oh I am sorry to hear that.'' I say and turn my head to him. 


My eyes immediately meet his. He was already looking at me. I look away quickly to avoid the awkwardness. 


''You shouldn't be. She is sweet, yea I know. We look good together, I know, but I just couldn't date her.'' Oh.

''Why couldn't you date her?''


Harrys POV


Fuck. Did I just say that? I can't explain that to her. She can't know that I have feelings for her, I haven't seen her in like three years or something. I don't want her to think I am a creep. 


''I just couldn't.'' I answer back coldhearted.

''No, you can tell me Harry.'' Why does she have to be like this? She knows I can't resist her.

''No, it is really nothing. I don't know why I said that.'' 

''Oh.'' I can see that she feels disappointed.


I know she won't tell anyone, and I actually don't give a fuck if she tells it, I just don't want her to know that I have feelings for her.


''I see that you have got some new tattoos huh?'' She changes subject.

''Yea…'' I look down my arms.


She put her glass on the desk and turn to face me so she can look at my arm. She studies the tattoos and bite her lip. God damn she is hot. She notice the few tattoos I got on my chest as well and she stands even closer to me now, not even leaving a feet between us. I am about a head taller than her. I look down at her, leaning my arms on the desk and she take a few mini steps towards me, leaving no space between us. Her index finger starts to run around the black ink on my chest. God dammit, why would I even wear a V neck showing off almost all of my tattoos. I don't push her away, instead I tilt her head up so my eyes meet hers. 


''I think it is enough.'' I say remembering I said the exact same thing last time.

''Sorry.'' She says and pulls a little but away, but I grab her waist and pull her close again…



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