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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


25. Chapter 25.

Harrys POV


Where is she going, I drove her here. I have the keys to my car so she can't steal it, what is she doing. She walks to my car and tries to open the door, but when she fails she stand still with her arms crossed in front of the door. What is she doing?


''Drive me home.'' Oh.

''Can't you just call a ca…'' She cuts me off.

''I said drive me home!'' She yells. 


I sigh and walk towards the door to drive her home.


Most of the drive is quiet and awkward. As always she doesn't show emotion and it annoys me as hell. When I pull into the parking lot of her house she immediately gets out and begin to walk to the door without even saying goodbye, she just left. When I begin to back I see her fall to her knees in front of her door. Fuck. What should I do? Should I leave her there crying, or should I go over to her and talk to her. I can't stand this feeling of hurting someone, I have to get out of the car. I stop the car and runs out, over to her. She is sobbing. Shit. I lay my arms around her in a hug, but her head is buried in her hands. I can feel that she feels uncomfortable right now, but she doesn't move, instead she just cry into my shoulder. I feel bad for hurting her. I want to tell her that I love her and that we are okay and we could just go home to my place and have a great time cuddling, but I can't, because I don't feel like that. The moment I saw Elizabeth it just clicked. I am really sad to admit this to myself, but I have to in some point. 


I help Sophia up and I hug her, tight. I care for her, I do, but I am just not in love with her. She kisses my cheek, and as I was about to feel the electricity by her touch, I felt nothing. I was expecting something, but nothing happened. She pulls away and I wipe her eyes, but she grabs my hands and sinks them slowly while smiling pathetically. She gives me a little nod and then turn to open the door, but as that gentleman I am I open it for her. She thanks me and walks inside. Oh no, what have I done. I've just lost the only thing in my life that kept my temper down. I just don't hope Edward has some sort of annoying joke when I get home. 


Elizabeths POV


''Seriously?'' He says while putting another handful of popcorns into his mouth. 

''Yea, it is ridiculous right?'' I say and I take a few popcorns.

''No it is not.'' What? ''I mean, it's quite romantic I think.'' He corrects himself.

''You think? I felt like a fool!'' I laugh.


It is true. I did really felt like a fool when Harry just left. All of the things he did to me, what he did to me. I felt like I was in heaven every time he touched me, even though it was just to feel his breath against my skin. I have to admit that I had feelings for him once. He looked so much more mature now, almost like a man. His smell was still the same as Josephs, his hair was still curly, but instead of a full quiff, it felt a little down onto his forehead, his beautiful green eyes that sparkled more than the stars. I guess something never change. The only thing that might've changed was the way he dressed. The time I knew him he just wore black and white, this time, he had a full suit on like he was attempting his own god damn wedding and Sophia looked just as dressed up. If they were celebrating being together a month then the only word I have for that is 'Wow'. Either Sophia is really into relationships or then Harry is. I can not imagine Harry put so much into a relationship so I go with the first option. I wonder what Edward is doing at this point? Is he still fucking every girl he can get close to? Is he still as annoying as I remember him? Is he still a dick? No, Edward has not changed, why would he? He enjoyed being the bad one and he definitely enjoyed all the attention he got.


''Hey, I just thought of a thing.'' He says. Oh no, this is not going to be good. I nod and he continues. ''You remember Marcel right?''

''No?'' I sarcastically says. Of course I remember him. 

''Haha funny.'' He ironically says. ''No seriously. If you compared Harry and Marcel to each other. The dimples, the sparkling eyes, you know. Does Harry have a brother?'' Is he being serious?

''Yea, his name is Edward.'' I say. There is no way Harry have a third brother.

''And how is he?'' Oh, he is just a dickhead. I have never in my entire life known anyone as selfish and stupid as him. I basically hate him actually.

''Uhm, he is fine, I guess… Well, like, he can be a dick sometimes.'' I half lie. Joe lifts his eyebrows. ''Okay, Edward is a stupid, selfish idiot who doesn't care about others.'' I finally let out.

''And how is Harry?'' I have so many things to say about Harry.

''He is nice actually. He can be a bit aggressive, but he is nice.'' I say and mean it.

''And how did Marcel describe his brothers?'' Fuck.


Maybe he is right, maybe Marcel, Harry and Edward are triplets. Why haven't he told me this?


Joe is right in every single way. They look like each other, they sound like each other, they both have a thick british accent. Why would Harry lie to my about this? He haven't lied, because I never asked him about this. I only asked about Edward, and maybe he is embarrassed by Marcel. Marcel is a nice, polite guy, a bit nerdy, but kind, beside from Edward and Harry who is complete assholes sometimes. I have to ask Harry about this if I see him again, or maybe Marcel. I will most likely run into Marcel at school, and not Harry. Haha, Harry and dancing. I would love to see that, but on the other side, I can not imagine Marcel dance either, but maybe I am gonna be surprised. Maybe they are really talented dancers, even though it sounds amazing.


When I wake up it takes me a minute or two to realize that I am not at home. This is gonna be harder than I thought to get use to, but at least I wake up to a beautiful view. It is saturday today, which means shopping, shopping and even more shopping. I sit up in my bed for a minute and then walks to the kitchen to get some breakfast. When I get to the kitchen, Joe is sitting in the living room reading a book. I go to the fridge just to realize that we have not got any food yet.


''We haven't been shopping yet, remember?'' He smiles.


I sigh.


''Well, then hurry up and get ready so we can go shopping.'' I say.

''I am already ready.'' He says and stands up.


What time did he get up? What time is it even? I look at the clock and it is already ten. Fuck. I hurry to the bathroom and take a quick shower and put on minimal makeup. What should I wear? I decide to go with a black skater skirt and a white crop top with black dots on it. I put on my Dr. Martens and run to the hallway to find Joe leaning against the wall. 


''You ready?''

''Yea, we just need to call a cab.'' I reach for my phone in my purse.

''Already done. Come on, it's here.'' He smiles and walk towards the door. He already called it?



''This is absolutely delicious!'' I say. 

''Mmh!'' He mumbles.


I have never in my entire life got any better pancakes. This place is amazing. It is cheap here and not far away from our house, maybe we can eat here every morning. They open at 6am every day so we can just wake up at 5:30am every day, then go here be here by 6:30am, and then go to school so we're there at 7:30am, then we would be at the school 30 minutes early and we will be able to find our classes and talk before school starts. 


''What is this place?'' I say as I fill my mouth with pancakes. 


This moment right now, gives me a flashback to the morning Harry and I made pancakes, or, he made them, but they tasted amazing. I remember how Harry was so sleepy and playful and how he looked amazing even though his hair was all messy and his eyes barely open. I remember how he just left me in confusion. I need to stop thinking about that damn boy, he have a girlfriend.


''iHop I think.'' He says and finish the last pancake. 

''We should eat here every single morning!'' I smile.

''Great idea. Lets make that a thing.'' He laughs.

''Yea!'' I join him.


We just sit there and talk for a while until a brown haired boy walk towards us and gives us the bill. He looks amazing. The way his hair is in a perfect quiff and his brown eyes are shining. He is really attractive. He wears a plain white t-shirt, blue jeans with a red shirt tied around his waist and black converse. His biceps are really showing off. Wow, he is hot.


''Did you guys enjoy the food?'' He smiles as he waits for me to find the money.

''It was amazing.'' He says. Why is he trying to sound extra british?

''Oh, so you guys are english I guess.'' He smiles.

''Uh, yea.'' I smile. I put the money in his hands.

''Uhm, there is a dollar too much.'' He smiles awkwardly. 

''Oh, just keep it.'' I smile and close my purse.

''Oh, well, thank you.'' He smile politely. 


Joe and I gather our things together and gets ready to leave. We head to the door, but we stop by the voice calling from behind saying ''British people! Stop!'' I guess that is us. I turn around to find the guy who got us the bills running towards us. 


''I didn't really get your name.'' He smile. Oh.

''Oh, my name is Elizabeth.'' I smile. This is awkward.

''I'm Liam.'' He shake my hand. Liam. That is an adorable name. ''Uhm, I know this is quite inappropriate, but can I get your number?'' He says and pull his phone out of his pocket. Uhm, should I be excited about this?''

''Uhm, sure.'' I smile and tell him my number.

''Thank you.'' He says.

''You are welcome.'' I giggle.

''See you around.''


As we walk out Joe start laughing. Why is he laughing? Is it because of what just happened in there with, what was his name? Liam?


''What are you laughing about?'' I smile and push his shoulder.

''Haha, it was just the really awkward conversation in there.'' Oh god.

''He was nice!'' 

''You totally fancy him.'' Do I?

''He is attractive.'' I see Joe roll his eyes.

''Of course he is.'' Ugh, he is annoying now.


Harrys POV


''Oh let it go man. She's just a god damn bird!'' Why does he always have to be so god damn cold hearted.

''It's not about that! It's the fact that I don't like hurting people!'' I yell.

''Come on man! You can't be serious! You're turning into Marcel.''

''Don't blame him! He is nice beside us!'' Did I just say us?

''Exactly! Like us! You need to be a little more carefree!'' He yells. He is right.


I need to be a little more carefree, but I just get the worst feeling when I hurt someone and I am stuck with that feeling for a whole week, no matter what. I need Elizabeth, or Sophia, or just someone that can keep my temper down right now. I want to beat the shit out of Edward right now for being right, but then I will feel guilty for that as well. 


''Why don't you just go out and get another ridiculous tattoo. It seems to work better on your temper than girls.'' That's enough. 


I run over to Edward and ball my fist. I lift my arm, ready to hit him, but he turn around in the last second and his fist connect with my jaw...




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