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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


24. Chapter 24.

As Marcel drives into the parking lot of our apartment my eyes widen and my mouth drops. What the hell?


''We're here.'' He smiles and gets out of the car.


I look at Joe and he has the same face expression as me. I think we are thinking the same. I tap Josephs shoulder and he immediately gets back to reality and gets out of the car. I sit in there looking at the house for a few seconds and then get out to get my bags. Marcel and Joe are discussing cars again while I am just stood here waiting for Joe to end the conversation. This house is enormous, like literally, gigantic. I hope it looks as good on the inside as it does on the outside. How could this house have been so cheap. It doesn't look like a typical teenagers home, but hey, if that is what I am gonna live in the next four years I am totally fine with that. I feel a hand on my shoulder and I turn around to see Joe.


''Are you gonna say goodbye to Marcel or what?'' He laughs.


I haven't even noticed they ended the conversation. I walk towards Marcel to shake his hand, but instead he pulls me into a hug. It surprises me a little, but Marcel is a great guy so I hug him back.


''It was nice meeting you two.'' He smiles and gets in his car. ''See you in class Joe!'' He yells before shutting the door and drive away.

''I don't really wanna know how it looks inside.'' I can tell by the way he talks that he is excited, so am I.

''Me neither.'' I take his hand and run to the front door.


This is really it. I have the keys and right now, all I want to do is to get inside and get some food. I am so hungry, and we haven't really been able to eat except from the airplane where we got some food, but that is a pond time ago. I have not eaten in about 6 hours so I am pretty hungry. The drive from the airport to the house was about 3 hours. I am exhausted. I look at Joe and he nods. I smash the key into the lock, turn it and opens the door. Again we are stood with widen eyes and open mouths. This place is fantastic! It is so huge, but still so comfy. It looks like everything in here are vintage. Our mom and dad bought us some furniture to the house, which already is in place. I love this place, wow. Joe and I immediately run around in the house trying to find the bedrooms. I find them first and I smash the door open. Wow, I can not believe this house. It is amazing. 


''Joe I found them!'' I yell and before I can think anymore about this room he is standing next to me. 


I point to the room next door and he runs in there. This is my room. My own room. It is kinda strange for me to be here, because there aren't any stairs. This is a one floor house and it annoys me, because I already miss the stairs from home. I have cried on them, been happy on them, lost my first tooth on them. Everything on them. It is also the place I broke something in my body for the first time. The thought of it makes me smile. I loved those stairs and I can not wait to see them again, I know it sounds weird, and it is, but those stairs just hold so many memories and now I live in a whole different house in another country with my brother. It is just so surreal. I walk to the bed and stroke the bedding, I then walk to the rest of the room and stroke everything else there is to stroke. For a minute I almost forgot how hungry I am. I go from my room into Josephs room and find him sitting on his bed admiring something. He is sitting with his guitar in his hands and a computer and a notebook and a pencil in front of him. Is he writing a song? He is playing a few accords and is humming something I can not hear. I don't know how to think about him singing, I actually can not imagine him singing. I don't think he is a very good singer. I knock on his open door and he jump.


''What are you doing?'' I ask, knowing exactly what he is doing.

''Uhm, nothing, you know, just learning a few new accords.'' He lies.


I walk to his bed and sit down next to him.


''Sooo, what to you think about the house?'' 

''It is amazing.'' 

''We do not have any food in the fridge.''

''I know.'' He says in a sad tone.

''Should we call a taxi and go out and eat?'' I say and his face lightens up.

''I thought you wouldn't ask.'' He jokes.



I grab my handbag from the seat next to me and get out of the car. Joe gives the driver the money and a few tips and then thanks him. 


''This place looks expensive. Do you have enough money?'' I told Joe that I would pay, and now, I regret it.


He is right, this place does really look expensive and I honestly don't think I can afford this. I just nod at Joe and grab his arm and pull him inside. The waiter shows us a nice free table, right beside the window and gives us the menu cards. We were right, the food is too expensive and I can not afford it alone. I tell Joe to not order something really expensive and he just nods and tells me that he will help me pay all of this. He is so nice.

The food arrive and it looks absolutely delicious and it taste even better. After finishing our food we share paying the bill and to our surprise we actually could afford it. We call a taxi and waits for it to come. The time passes extremely fast and before we realize it, the taxi is here. Joe opens the door for me and just as I am about to look up at Joe to thank him, I hear a voice call my name me.


''Elizabeth?'' I turn around to see a curly haired boy stand in front of me.

''Uhm yea?'' I question him.

''You don't remember me?'' He has a thick british accent. 


Where does he knows me from? Joe is literally just standing by my side looking like a lost puppy and so does the girl behind the guy talking to me.


''Uhm, no I am sorry. I don't think so.'' I feel guilty for not remembering him.

''It's alright, it's a long time ago though.'' 

''It probably is yes.'' I half laugh.

''Well, I am Harry.'' My eyes widen and my mouth drops. ''Just throwing it out there.'' He laughs and his dimples show.


Harry. That Harry? The Harry who cam to my house in the middle of the night, pissed at his brother and almost breaks my wall, then suddenly he goes all romantic and kisses me. That Harry who's brother was a total dick and would do anything to hurt him. That Harry who called me up and asked me to meet him at the park where he kissed me again. That Harry who left me without telling me he was moving. Yes, that Harry. He told me he was sick, not moving to America. All the few memories we had together suddenly starts bumping into my head. I remember his soft curls falling to my face when he bended his head down to kiss me. I remember his soft pink lips and his tongue piercing on my lips. I remember him tearing up in front of me because his brother always ruined everything and I remember him leaning against me in the hall telling me that I should not trust anyone. He was the sensible guy who did not wanted to be known as a brother of Edward. It seems like he have worked everything out, because the girl that is standing by his side is more than beautiful. She looks flawless.


''I didn't knew you got a boyfriend.'' He says and hold his hand in front of him to shake Josephs hand. He takes it and shakes it with a weird face expression on.

''Oh no, he is not my boyfriend, he is my brother.'' I say and I can see Harrys cheeks getting red.

''Oh I am sorry.'' I giggle.

''Well I did not knew that you got a girlfriend.'' I say and he looks at her and smiles.


He looks so happy with her by his side and he grabs her hand and his fingers makes his way in between hers. He smile at her and she smiles back and grip his arm and rubbing it with her free hand. They look adorable together, but at the same time they look horrible together. 


''How long have you two been dating?'' I do not actually wants to know the answer, I am just being polite.

''Oh, we've only been seeing each other for about a month.'' He smiles and his thumb runs in circles over her hand.

''Oh, well you two look adorable together.'' They are both wearing pretty clothes. Harry is in a suit and his girlfriend is in a pretty dress.

''Thank you. I'm Sophia by the way.'' Sophia. What a great name and I do not mean that ironically.

''I am Elizabeth.'' I shake her hand.

''Well, uhm, it was nice seeing you again Elizabeth.'' He smiles and goes for a hug.

''Nice seeing you too.'' I say into his shoulder.


He smells so nice. He still uses the same cologne as he did three years ago and that smell is the best smell I have ever smelled. His curly hair touches my cheek and it feels really good to be in his arms again. Wait. What am I even thinking of? He has a girlfriend.


Harrys POV


''Who was that girl?'' She says while walking towards to door grabbing my hand.

''Oh, she's just an old friend of mine.'' I lie. She wasn't a friend. 


By the time I knew her I started growing feelings for her. Do I still deep down has feelings for the girl who actually accepted me? The girl who rejected my brother just so she knew she wouldn't hurt me. The girl who looks amazing with and without makeup. The girl who is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. The girl who made me feel comfortable about myself. I can't think like this. I have a girlfriend. A wonderful one who I love more than anything. She is beautiful. But not as beautiful as Elizabeth. My subconscious reminds me. Fuck. Sophia. I need to get Elizabeth out of my head! I pull Sophia closer to me by grabbing her waist and kiss her, people are staring, but I don't care. I need a distraction. I slightly start to move my tongue into her mouth, but she pulls away. 


''What are you doing?'' Her hands is on my chest and she smiles confused at me.

''I just want to show everyone that you're mine.'' I tell her.

''Well it is kinda inappropriate to just give a show to everyone.'' She smirks. Why doesn't she like it when I kiss her in public.

''I don't think so.'' And I kiss her again, but she push me away.

''Stop. Didn't you just heard what I said?'' She sounds offended.


''You should really start respecting me a little more. All you do is showing me off like I am some sort of a trophy. Seriously, what is wrong with you.'' She raise her voice.

''Stop, people are staring.'' I whisper to her.

''I don't car…'' I cut her off by putting my hand over her mouth and pull her outside again.


Why is she acting like this? Is it because of Eliz… Stop thinking about her Harry. Sophia is your girlfriend, not Elizabeth. 


''Seriously Harry, what is wrong with you?'' She snaps.

''Nothing, you just started arguing with me in there because of nothing!'' I raise my voice and throw my hands in the air.

''It was not just because of nothing!'' She yells. Luckily there's no one outside.

''What was it then?'' I slightly lower my voice and takes a step towards her.

''I… I… I don't wanna tell you.'' Ugh.

''You can not just get mad at me and then don't want to tell me what is wrong.'' I lower my voice even more and takes another step towards her.

''Okay Harry, do you want to know? I'll tell you then. I saw how you were looking at your ''friend''.'' I cut her off.

''How did I look at her?'' I yell.

''Like you were freaking in love with her!'' She yells and the hesitate completely. 


I freeze by the word ''love''. Am I in love with Elizabeth? No. I am not. I am in love with Sophia, I guess… I have feelings for her, but, are those feelings enough to be in love? Sophia are sweet, understanding, pretty. Everything I could even ask for in a girl. Why aren't I in love with her? Did I just ask myself that question. Sophia doesn't show feelings, she doesn't cry, she doesn't get scared, she doesn't even show happiness. Elizabeth does. She shows all of her feelings. I remember the first time I kissed her. I could feel her shaking and I remember how I calmed her by rubbing my hand over her thigh. The way her whole body shivered when I touched her. The way her cheeks got warmer and warmer by every move I made. Then there was the second time. It was at the park. I pulled her by her wrist and kissed her. I remember how her lips was so cold, but at the same time so warm. I remember the taste of her mouth and I remember how she couldn't resist. I remember everything.


''You know what Sophia? Maybe you're right. I don't say that I am in love with her, but I am saying that I aren't in love with you. My feelings for you aren't as strong as I thought they were. I lied to myself and told me that I was in love with you…'' I can see her tearing up, but she is holding it back, just as I thought. ''I care about you, I do Sophia, but just not in that way. I'm sorry okay, I really am.''


I take another step towards her, but she backs away. I sigh. I knew this would happen and I can see it clearly on her face that she wants to cry, but I can see that see is fighting to hold it back as well. Why can't this girl just show emotion for once. The only emotion she is able to show is anger. I walk towards her until I am only a few centimeters away from her face. I slightly place my hand on her cheek, but she turn her head. I can feel on her that she is afraid. I rub my thumb on her cheek, but she push my arm away.


''Get away from me.'' She says in anger. I won't leave from this position right now. I hold her, tight. ''Get away from me I said.'' and she push me away from her. I let her go...

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