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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


23. Chapter 23.

''Hurry up!'' I hear my mom call from downstairs. 


I can't believe it is already time for me to go to University and the fact that I actually got accepted into NYU is amazing. I finished my last year of high school two years ago and then had a two years break from school, just so Joe and I will be able to start the same year. Wow, I remember us sitting and hugging each other almost 3 years ago knowing what he would leave me for four years, but yet, here I am ready to leave for America with Joe by my side. I walk to my bathroom to grab my toiletries, but I stop in front of the mirror. Wow. This girl is in America tomorrow, ready to start her knew life. It is gonna be hard to leave all my amazing new friends though, but Anastacia and I are defiantly going to cause a scene at the airport. We'll both be sobbing and we couldn't care less. Lou left for University last year and Kevin left the same year as we finished high school. Since then I've collected way to many friends. Erin and Brianna who I met at a party a couple of years ago, Amanda, Kaelah, Veronica, Paul, Vicky, Wictor, Thilde, Gemma, Helene, Justin, Josh, Andy and lots more. I wish I could just say one last goodbye to those people, they are the ones that have been there for me through the past years. My parents is gonna be some of the hardest to leave as well, I won't have anyone to tell me wrong anymore, except Joe, but it will probably be me telling him wrong sometimes. He just turned eighteen a couple of weeks ago and my twentieth birthday is in nine days. Now that I'm thinking about it I am actually quite sad that I won't spent my birthday with my family, of course Joe will be there, but otherwise, there's no one there.


''We'll be leaving in five! Come on kids!'' His use of the word 'kids' make a shiver go down my spine. I am not a kid, neither are Joe.


I hurry up on getting everything with me. Phone, computer, toiletries, clothes, underwear, schoolbag, pencils and other stuff, diary, shoes and head phones. I think I am ready. I zip my bag and rush to the mirror again to check if I look fine. Wow, this is the last time in a very long time I am being in this exact room. I am gonna miss my own bed, my moms cooking, everything. 


''Coming!'' I yell just before pulling my bag from the bed to the floor and walk to the hall. Joe and I seem to be done packing everything at the same time because I meet him in the hall with the biggest smile I have ever seen him wear. I can't help it put pull a gigantic smile as well and I can see Josephs eyes tear up. A tear run down his cheek and I pull him into a hug. 


''Come on kids! We're driving now!'' She yell from downstairs. I look at Joe once again to still see his beautiful smile on his face.

''You ready?'' I ask.

''I am.'' He smiles and takes a deep breath.

''We're coming!'' I yell.


We almost run downstairs. Our parents stands in the door ready to drive and without thinking I hug both of them at the same time and I immediately start crying into their shoulders. I can feel their warm tears on my neck, and I pull out of the hug. I grab Josephs arm to pull him into the hug. It is now. We are leaving for America. 

The car journey to the airport seems longer than normal. I feel like I have been sitting in that damn car for at least four hours even though I have only been sitting there in one and a half. I can't wait anymore, I just wanna get on that stupid plane and get away so that I am done with crying and goodbyes. Both Joe and I are listening to music, I wonder what he is listening to. He have been smiling the whole time in the car so maybe he is listening to happy songs? I don't know why, but I somehow find myself listening to the saddest songs. I think about it for a while a swift playlist. There is way more happy songs on this one and I hope it can help me to think of something else. 

We finally arrive in the airport, thank god, and I somehow get more and more ready for every minute that pass. I rush out of the car and grab my bags and I head straight to the doors. I can hear Joe yell at me to wait for him, but I can hear the happiness in his voice. Why can I not be that happy to leave? I stop and wait for Joe and my parents to get to me and we walk into the airport together and I can clearly see the smirks that my parents are pulling. What are they hiding? I walk into the airport and as soon as I walk in I see all of my friends. Everyone. I can feel the tears pressing again.


''SURPRISE'' They all yell.


I run over to Anastacia, and just as I thought, we're causing a scene. We both break down in each others arms. I can't stop crying. Joe is greeting his friends while I am still here hugging Anastacia. As soon as we finish hugging I rush to the rest of my friends. I stay in the hug with Andy for a long time, I can feel that he wants to cry, but he won't do it here.


''Andy, it is okay to cry. I am gonna miss you.'' I whisper.


As soon as that is said he starts crying and hug me even tighter. 

Andy is the guy that have always pushed me to the edge, but have always been there to support me. He is the reason why I even got in to NYU, he is the one who learned me to dance, every single dance step I can do, is Andys fault. In a good way. He teach me ballet, street, modern, everything. I know that Andy has had a little crush on me the last couple of years, and he has been flirting a lot. We even went out on a few dates. I have feelings for him, yes, but I have never told him, I don't know why, but I just haven't. Maybe my feelings hasn't been that strong? Maybe I was just not ready for a boyfriend? He is a nice guy. When I pull away from the hug I kiss him on the cheek and I immediately see the happiness and excitement in his eyes. I smile and my cheeks flush. 

''I don't want you to leave Elizabeth. I'm gonna miss you, way too much.'' He smiles.

''I don't really want to go either, but I have to. I promise that I'll text you and send you lots of letters. I can not describe how hard it is for me to say goodbye to all of you. I am gonna miss you all.'' I cry. He pulls me into a hug again.


The plane is actually not as boring as I thought it would be. There's WiFi and all that stuff. I am mostly on Facebook, twitter and tumblr the way over there, chatting with my friends. After almost six hours I get a notification from twitter.


''@JacksGap: I am NOT dating @ElizabethRN ! IT IS ALL RUMORS GUYS! I'm still single. I don't even know who that girl is tbh. Love you all ;)''


Jack just tweeted about me. Sorry while I just have my fangirl moment. Jack is like the biggest in UK right now! He is the biggest youtuber of all time and he just tweeted about me! Maybe that is why I have gained so many followers through the past years. Why have I never seen those rumors before? I don't get it.

By the time we arrive in the airport it is absolutely buzzin' there! Wow! Everybody is running around, yelling in all directions. I am scared. Luckily Joe has been in contact with a boy who is going to be in his class and he is from here so he knows where we are going. We are looking for the sign with the text ''Joe and Elizabeth Nielsen'' on it and after looking for a little while we find him. He reminds me of someone, I can't quite put my finger on it, but I will probably find out soon. We walk out of the airport to find his car, it is a Range Rover.


''Wow, sick car man.'' Joe says and walks around it. 


The guy is giggling. He is actually quite cute with his glasses and his hair perfectly pulled back. It looks like he has curls, but I can't quite see it. He has dimples and grey eyes, that is cute.


''Oh sorry, my name is Elizabeth. What is yours?'' He takes my bag and throws it into his car.

''Marcel. Nice to meet you Elizabeth.'' He smiles and shakes my hand. Marcel. That is an adorably name.


Most of the drive is going on by Joe and Marcel talking about his car, it is a nice car. I have seen a car like this before, they are so comfortable.


''Uhm Marcel?'' I ask him.

''Are you born in America?''

''Haha no.'' He laughs. I knew it.

''Aren't you from England just as us?'' I can hear he has a thick british accent.

''I am.'' He smiles. 

''Wow, why haven't you told me that bro?'' Joe pushes his shoulder playfully.

''You didn't need to know.'' He giggles. It sickens me that I can't figure out who he reminds me about.

''So tell us a bit about yourself Marcel.'' I say and he immediately starts. His life sounds harsh. Two annoying brothers who just used him to get better grades and his mum and dad got divorced just before they moved here. He includes that they moved here about three years ago, that is not long ago.

''So where are you two going to live?'' 

''Uhm, I we bought an apartment. We'll be living there together.'' He smiles and looks at me. It is true. Joe and I will be living together and I literally can not wait.

''Sounds nice. I wish I could just get away from my brothers.'' He laughs...

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