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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


22. Chapter 22.

I can't help it, but get in. His car is nice, just as his brothers. This one is a white Range Rover and it has black warm leather seats, I know that Range Rovers are pretty expensive, and to judge by the fact that his brother has one and he have one himself, their family probably has a lot of money. I wonder what their dad work as? Their mother is a high school teacher, and I know that they don't earn enough money to buy two Range Rovers, so it must be their dad who earns all the money, or maybe they won a lot of money? I decide to just let go of that thought for now, but as soon as I get to know him a little better I will defiantly bring this up. It seems weird. 

As he starts the car an the few minutes after is quite awkward. We don't really speak, sometimes on of us cough, and as we need to drive all the way around the town because we're in a car, it takes quite a long time. If he would just have let me take my penny I would be home by now. Home. I look at my phone to check the time. Shit. It's already half past ten, I should've been home half an hour ago! Luckily we drive past the bus stop where Harry got off last time and that's not far away from here. Just before he pull into our parking lot I reach out to grab my penny and place it on my lap. As he stops the car I open the door and get out, I say a simple goodbye to Harry before I close the door and just before I reach the door handle to my house he rolls down the window.


''Hey El!'' I turn around. ''Let me drive you to school tomorrow!'' He smiles.

''Uhm, no thanks, I'm good.'' I lie. I would love him to drive me to school, but I just don't want it to get any more awkward between us. I mean him and I, I… Nevermind.

''If you're gonna ride that thing again tomorrow you won't make it in time.'' What does he know about that? If I leave 15 minutes earlier tomorrow I will make it. ''And by the way, I can't risk it if you meet Edward.'' He smirks. Aha, so that's what it is all about.

''What does it matter if Edward drives me?'' I see where this is going.

''I don't want him to. Simple as that.''

''Well that is non of your business.'' I snap. His smile doesn't fall, instead it grows. 

''I'll pick you up at seven thirty.'' He smiles. I roll my eyes at him and he drives away.


I walk inside to find my parents watching TV in the living room, maybe if I walk really slow and I am careful then they might not even notice me. As I start walking towards the stairs the floor squeaks. Fuck. My parents immediately turns around to look at me. I sigh and walk towards them and sit down on the chair next to the sofa. I expected my parents to be yelling at me and telling me how stupid I am for not being home on the time, but instead they're just looking at me. Why don't they talk? Why don't they yell? I feel awkward just sitting here waiting for them to talk to me, but they don't.


''Why don't you just tell how stupid I am?'' I start.

''What?'' She turns to look at my dad and then back to me.

''I'm half an hour late and you don't yell at me?'' 

''Half an hour late for what?'' What?

''Home.'' Why do they seem so confused?

''Have you even been gone?'' Fuck.

''No, uhm, no. Not at all. I was just, uhm, Josephs room. I meant I was late for bed… Sorry.'' I say and stand up.

''Well, then just hurry to bed. You have school tomorrow.'' She smiles. What was that about.


I hurry up the stairs, actually running. I rush down the hall to Josephs room and smash the door up to find him sitting at his computer with his head phones in his ear, playing guitar, probably learning a new song via Youtube. He doesn't seem to notice my appearance so I walk over to him and grab his shoulder. He turns his head to me and jump making the head phones fall out. 


''Just play along.'' I say.

''Wha…'' I cut him off.

''Thanks man, you're the best.'' I smile and walk out, leaving him confused with his computer and guitar.


I look around the hall and my parents are no where to be found so they're still downstairs, but I can hear them walking around near the stairs so I just rush to my room. My room is placed on the opposite side of the hall than Josephs. We only have about one or two steps between or rooms so we live really close. I slam the door to my room and after about 5 minutes I hear my parents walk into Josephs room asking him if I was there for the most of the evening. Of course they didn't believe me. I hear his door slam and steps on the stairs, which probably means that they are gone. I smile at how stupid they are and just as I'm about to burst out in laugh Joe walks into my room.

''You are such a dickhead.'' He says smiling. I start laughing and he roll his eyes and sits down on my bed. ''Where were you tonight?'' He smiles.


I don't wanna tell him about Harry at all, not the things that happened tonight at least. He knows about me and Edward, but I defiantly don't want him to know about what happened tonight. I don't actually know how to answer his question, but the only thing I can think about right now is Harrys soft lips against mine. His two birds on his chest. The way his hair is pulled up in a quiff. Just him. Elizabeth, get back to reality. Joe is sitting there with his one eyebrow raised waiting for an answer.


''Oh, uhm, I was at the park.'' I don't lie by saying that, but I can see on his face that he wants me to finish my sentence. ''With a new friend I got.'' He keeps waiting. ''Her name is Lou.'' I lie. 


I feel guilty for not telling Joe the truth, he's my best friend and it's terrible to lie to him when he always tells me the truth.


''And you're sure it wasn't your boyfriend?'' He smirks and I push his shoulder. ''Okay okay sorry.'' He laughs and I join him.

''Thanks by the way, for you know. Cover up for me.'' I smile.

''Oh, it's nothing. You would've done the same for me.'' He smiles. Would I? Why do I even question this, of course I would. 

''Joe. Can I ask you a question?'' 

''Sure. Bring it.'' He smiles clapping his hands together.

''Do you promise me you will never forget me?'' I ask. His face pales.

''I would never forget you Elizabeth.'' He smiles and lay his hand over mine and pulls me into a hug. 


I'm gonna miss this boy so damn much. Four years. What am I gonna do? I won't have anyone to talk to or with and I'm on a different University than him. Maybe I could learn some dancing and I will be able to get into NYU just as him? And then we could study there together. No, that is not possible. I do not have a single rhythm in my body, so to learn to dance in under 3 years is impossible, and I would probably not get in anyway because I'm too late. There's probably some sort of waiting list for the school. I just wish I could go with him.


The next morning I wake up, imagining Harry is laying beside me as he did yesterday, but he's not. Of course. I get out of bed and go to my bathroom. I, look, like, shit. I forgot to remove my makeup last night so my face is covered in mascara and stuff. I remove all of the remaining makeup and go down stairs to eat. By the time I'm finished eating it's about 6am. Everybody is sleeping except me and my mom. My mom works as a Police Officer so she has to be at work at 7am. She's probably leaving any minute, but she takes her time to enjoy her coffee and the newspaper from yesterday. I sit down at the table with my mom and immediately crash on the table. I could actually fall asleep right here, but I guess it is best if I do not. 


''You look terrible sweetheart.'' She says. Her face is covered with her newspaper, but I know she's hiding a smirk behind it. 

''Thank you mom, just what I needed to hear at 6am on a tuesday fucking morning.'' I say smiling sarcastically.

''Do not swear.'' She says.

''Sorry.'' If only she knew how much I swear in my mind I would physically be dead by now.


I walk upstairs to get ready. I start out by taking a shower to just wash all the dirt away. The cold water feels great against my skin and it really makes me relax. Yes, I enjoy cold showers more than hot showers. As I turn off the water I grab my towel and dry myself. I put on my panties and bra and walk back into my room with the towel on my head. I use about twenty minutes to find out what to wear, and I decide to go with some black jeans, a white tank top and a oversize shirt over it. The shirt is in every color of red and I somehow thinks that I look pretty. If that's even possible. I go to my mirror and grab my makeup bag and start applying concealer on my spots and under the eyes. When that is done I put on some mascara and fill in my eyebrows. I end it all with a little bit of blush and pull my hair into a messy bun. By the time I'm done applying makeup and doing my hair it is twenty minutes past seven so Harry will be here any minute. I fill my bag with the books I need and go downstairs to get ready. When I get downstairs, Joe is eating breakfast and Harry should be here in 2 minutes, so I decide to sit down with Joe and just relax before Harry picks me up.


''You look pretty today.'' He compliments me.

''You do not look that bad either.'' I sarcastically smile.

''Haha you are sooo funny huh?'' He's being ironic. ''So, aren't you going to school or what?''

''Oh, yea. I'm just waiting for a friend to pick me up.'' I say. 

''Your boyfriend?''

''If you call that guy my boyfriend one more time I'll break your nose.'' I warn him. I'm tired of him calling Edward my boyfriend.

''Easy tiger.'' He smiles


It is 15 minutes past half past 7, and there is still no sight of Harry. Is he even coming? I'll just wait 5 minutes to see if he's coming.

After the five minutes has passed I decide that he probably aren't coming. Who am I kidding? Of course he isn't coming. I should've listened to Lou. She was right about it all. They're no good.


Harrys POV


''Mom I really have to go! I should've picked up Elizabeth twenty minutes ago!'' I yell at her. 


My mom refuses me to let me pick her up just because I need to pack all of my things. I have plenty of times to pack when I get back home, why can't she just let me do it there. Elizabeth has probably already left for school and thought that I was an idiot. I am. I just need to go there to see if she's still there. 


''No Harry, and you won't ask again! You need to pack! You know that! We'll be leaving in 6 hours!'' Fuck. In the next six hours, Elizabeth will be in school and I won't be able to explain to her that my fucking mom stopped me from picking her up. 

''But she will think I am a total jerk mom!'' 

''And so? You don't have any friends here anyway, and there is no reason to start making friends, because you won't ever see them again! You can make new friends on your new school.'' 


The fact that I'm starting on a new school scares the hell out of me. I don't want to leave this place even though I have nobody here. Just because we're moving to America doesn't mean that people will be nicer. Maybe it is actually the best for me if I don't say goodbye to her. She will keep me in her mind as a total dork and I'll never see her again so it doesn't matter. Edward is in his room, packing, just as I should be doing and so is Marcel. Marcel will probably do great in America, he will get all the nerdy girls, I just wish he wasn't so geeky so Edward and I would actually admit that he's my brother. He would look exactly like us if he would just use his hair gel right and get some contact lenses instead of those horrible glasses. He is defiantly the smartest out of us three, and he always helps Edward and I with our homework. If I had Edwards way to charm girls, and Marcels brain I would be every girls dream. Unfortunately that's not how it works. I go to my room to pack the last things and look at my cellphone. Elizabeth have texted me four times asking me when I was there, I wish I could've texted her ''I'll be there in a couple of minutes'' but I can't because of my fucking mom. Instead I text her a freaking lie, how stupid.


From Harry to Elizabeth: 


Sorry I couldn't pick you up. You somehow got me sick :( I am really sorry. 


Fuck. I feel guilty for lying.


Elizabeths POV


From Harry to you:


Sorry I couldn't pick you up. You somehow got me sick :( I am really sorry. 


Great. I got him sick. Why am I such a terrible person. I walk into class late and breaths like I've just run a marathon, but it is kinda the same when you have ran all the way from home to school. The teacher gives me a ''Don't be late again'' look and I nod and find my seat next to Kevin. Non of the brothers are here. Is Edward sick too or does he just don't want to go to school. It is weird. The teacher should be their mom, but instead it is some random guy who looks like someone who isn't even old enough to be a teacher. Every girl in the is staring at him, I mean, he's hot, but he isn't that hot. Why aren't any of them in school?


''Okay miss… Nielsen?'' I nod.

''Yep, that is me.'' 

''Because you were late in class you missed some important information.'' I raise my eyebrows.

''Uhm, what is wrong?'' Nobody isn't really paying attention to the teacher, except the few girl that are in my class, otherwise the boys are just fooling around. Non of them isn't even listening to what he's saying.

''Misses Styles has resigned, so from now on I will be your teacher.'' What?

''But, what about her sons?'' Suddenly everybody is paying attention to our conversation.

''They're moving with her of course.'' Moving? What?...




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