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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


21. Chapter 21.

Fuck. Did I just said that. Do I feel something for him? No. No I don't.


''You felt nothing?'' He smiles. ''Does that mean that you feel something for me?'' Shit. I can already see the smirk on his face and I don't want him to laugh at me. I feel embarrassed. 

''Don't you dare laugh at me.'' I stop. He raises his eyebrows at me and just before he's about to burst out in laugh I start again. ''I do not have feelings for you!'' I half yell.

''Then why didn't you stop me?''

''I don't know Harry! I really don't! It felt wrong with Edward, it did not felt wrong with you, but I can assure you that I do not have feelings for you!'' I yell in an attempt to cover up my embarrassment. 


His small cheeky smirk disappeared fast when I said that. He doesn't seem like he have a great come back. He leans back and put his hands on the cold grass, making him look like pure sex. The way his curly hair is pulled up in a quiff and his dimples are shoving off even though he isn't even smiling. His green eyes is brighter than the stars and the way his shirt is half unbuttoned so it reveal two beautiful birds on his chest. Wait. 


''What's that on your chest?'' Why did I just ask that? 


His hands moves from the grass to his shirt, slowly pulling his shirt a little to reveal the complete tattoo. He looks down at his chest smiling, or giggling, and looks back up at me. I raise my right eyebrow at him and he nods at me, as a sign that says he wants me to move closer. I do so and when I'm just about a feet away from him he grabs my hand, making me jump. He smile and lift my hand to his chest. I can feel his eyes are locked on my face, but I refuse myself to look up at him, instead, I have my eyes locked to his chest. It is sort of awkward that I am just staring at his chest, but it is better than to look at his eyes. 


''Here.'' He says almost a whisper and he brings my index finger to his chest.

''It's beautiful.'' I say as my finger travels around the wings of the birds. 


I somehow adore how he has two birds tattooed on his chest. All the questions are starting to blow up my mind. Why did he get the tattoo? Why did he chose birds? What does it mean to him? I try to push the questions to the back of my mind, but I can't. I am able to keep my mouth shut, so I'll go even though my head is pounding from all the questions. 


''Okay I think it's enough.'' He says as he takes my hands in his and removes them from his chest, placing them on my lap. Before letting go he gives me some sort of a little clap on my hands and he smiles.

''Sorry.'' I say as I can feel my cheeks getting warm. How long did I just sat there touching his chest as a retard?

''Sooo, about all that feeling stuff…'' Oh god. ''So you don't have feelings for me?'' He says.

''No.'' I lie. Do I lie? Do I have feelings for him?

''You sure?'' He asks.

''Yea, why do you even keep asking?''

''I don't''

''Okay, well it is kinda late and I have school tomorrow, so if you don't mind…'' I stand up. 

''I mind.'' He snaps gripping my wrist. Without noticing it he's already on his feet. I look down to Harrys hand, hugging my wrist.

''Ouch?'' I say as a question.

''Oh sorry.'' He says and loosens his grip.

''What I meant was 'Please let go of my wrist'.'' 

''Okay.'' He says still not letting go.

''Would you please just fucking let go of my wrist?'' I raise my voice. 


I quickly look around to see if there's anyone near us, but luckily there is not so I can yell as much as I want to. Harry is still holding on to my wrist. I try to jerk away, but he keeps tightening his grip. It hurts. I don't care about the pain he is causing my wrist right now, the only thing I care about is for him to let go. Why do he even care about me being here. I give up, he is too strong. As soon as I stop trying to get away he let's go revealing the red marks he made. 


''Thank you.'' I snap. 


I turn around to walk away and he traps my wrist again, the other one and turns me around and pulls me close to him. I can feel his breath against my skin and in some way he actually scares me. 


''Now go ahead and tell me you don't feel anything.'' He says through his teeth. What?

''I… I.'' I am cut off guard. I can't even speak.

''Tell me.'' He says looking straight into my eyes.

''I… I don't know Ha…'' He cuts me off before I can finish my sentence. His soft pink lips is now placed on mine. 


I feel a strange rush going through my body and a shiver down my spine. Why do I get this feeling when he kiss me, I've never in my entire life had this feeling before, not even with my previous boyfriends. I've never been kissed by my boyfriends like this before, not even been kissed by a boy before. Maybe that's how your first kiss feel? But this isn't my first kiss, my first kiss was about twenty hours ago, and I still feel like this. He opens his mouth, running his tongue piercing along my button lip. I place my hands on his chest expecting myself to push him away, instead I fist my hands in his shirt pulling him even closer. His hand moved from my wrist to my waist, pushing my all the way to his chest. He breaks the kiss and I immediately looks to the ground, but he tilt my head up forcing me to look straight into his beautiful green eyes of his.


''Tell me.'' He whisper. 

''If I did, I would lie.'' I smile as my cheeks are beginning to blush.

''Just as I thought.'' He smiles, making his dimple show. ''Well it's late. Let me give you a ride home.'' He says as he pulls away from me.

''Uhm, I think it would be the best if I just took my penny.'' I awkwardly smile while he grabs my penny.

''Not gonna happen.'' He snaps and walk past me. Back to the rude Harry.

''You can't decide what I'm doing, if I want to take my penny home I'll do that.'' I say reaching out for my penny, but he lifts it over his head. ''That's unfair.'' I pout.

''Come on, jump in.'' He says...

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