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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


20. Chapter 20.



Both Joe and I go numb. I have no idea what's going on, I just see the smile that grows on Josephs face. We all sit there for a moment in silence until my mom breaks through it.


''You got in!'' She yells and Joe immediately starts crying. Happy tears I guess. He's smiling and mom and dad looks happy too. Why don't I know what's going on? Got in? Where? Joe rush up from his chair and leans down to hug my mom from behind. He then continues to my dad and me. I kinda feel ''guilty'' for not knowing what's going on, but I am happy for him, what ever it is.

''Oh my god. This is crazy!'' He smiles.

''I'm so happy for you Joe!'' I smile even though I don't know what's going on.


After dinner Joe rush to his room and dads on the toilet as usual and my mom and I are doing the dishes.


''Uhm, mom?'' I ask.


''What happened there? What did Joe got in to?'' I ask in my lowest voice.

''Oh, you don't know?''

''Obviously not.'' Her smile grows again.

''Well, you know Joseph is a very smart and talented kid right?'' She pauses and I nod. ''And he got into his dream university. We just received the letter this morning.'' Oh. University. I should have thought of that. 

''Well, I'm happy for him.'' I smile. I haven't even applied for any university yet. Maybe it's about time? I'm in my last year of high school and then I'll have a year off doing nothing and then university. ''What university is it then?'' I ask politely.

''NYU.'' My mouth drops. NYU is amazing! And it's great for Joe in every single way. His dancing would be challenged and he would be able to study his favorite things. It's just the fact that it's in the States. It's so far from here and I probably won't be able to see him in almost four years. 

''But, that's in America mom? He's only in his first year of high school and…'' What am I talking about. What has high school to do about uni? ''Forget it.'' I say.


After we've finished doing the dishes I go upstairs to Joe's room. I knock on the door and walk in. He's sitting on his bed with his computer on his lap. I can see that he's still crying a little, but the smile hasn't changed at all. It's still all over his face. I then start to think again. New York. That's really far from here, I don't know if I can handle four years without anyone to annoy me, well, there's Har… No, stop. He looks straight into my eyes and I start getting emotional. I can feel the tears at the corners of my eyes. He get's up from his bed and walk towards me with open arms and I run into them as my tears start to stream down my face. Four years is a long time, and yes, I know there's still three years until he leave and by that time I'll be at uni, but the fact that I know he won't be near me is heartbreaking. Joe is my best friend out of all people in the entire world. I feel his arms wrapping around me and I feel a couple of warm drops fall onto the back of my neck. I know it's hard for him too.


''I'm just gonna miss you so much.'' I say through my sobbing. I feel him tightening his grip around me.

''I'm gonna miss you too.'' He says. I know he's smiling even though I can't see his face. He then loses his grip around me and pulls away while he placing his hands on my shoulders to make eye contact with him. ''I promise to send you postcards.'' He laughs and I join him. 

''I can't imagine four years without you.'' I say and look to the ground. He places his thumb and index finger on my chin and tilt my head up to look at him.

''Hey hey hey…'' He says with the most serious face expression I've ever seen him wear. ''I'll come home by the time sis. I will see you in the holidays, and who knows, maybe you could come visit me some times?'' He smiles and his dimple on his left cheek appears once again. I nod and pull him into another hug.


I let go of him and we sit down and talk for a moment, then I return to my room. I crashes my bed and just as I feel the most comfortable my phone starts ringing. Harry. Why is he calling me? I thought he didn't care about me at all. I pick up the phone and answer him.


''Harry?'' I say through the phone.

''Yea?'' He says like he's questioning his own call.

''You called?''

''Oh yea, hum, can you meet me at the park in twenty minutes?'' What?

''Uhm, why?'' I ask.

''I just need to tell you something as your friend.'' I don't even know if I wanna call him my ''friend''. ''You there?''

''Oh sorry, yes. Uhm, I don't know, how long are we gonna be there?'' 

''It doesn't matter, just be here in twenty minutes okay?'' 

''Uhm, oka…'' Before I get to finish my sentence he hangs up. What was that about?


I hurry up to get dressed and put on a little makeup and plug in my contact lenses. After around ten minutes I want to leave and if I thought correctly I won't make it unless I'll take my penny there. 

By the time I arrive there, Harry is there leaning at a tree, looking exactly as he did in school. I walk slowly towards him and when he notice me he's walking towards me with open arms to hug me. I walk just past him to the tree and sit down. 


Harrys POV


Ouch. I turn around to see her already sitting down leaning against the tree. I walk towards her and sit down in front of her. She's wearing some grey baggy shorts, a t-shirt with the print ''DORK'' on it. I can't help, but think she just put it on to annoy me, she's wearing her red TOMS and minimal makeup. Her hair is in a messy bun, completing her look. She looks beautiful.


''What did you want to tell me?'' She says placing her hands on her knees.

''First of all, I need to know why you've been crying.'' I can see the redness around her eyes, just like she's been crying and I can tell by the way she acts that she's not in a good mood. Is it because of me?

''It's non of your business.'' She repeats me. How mature.

''Is it because.. because of me?'' I ask nervously. She widen her eyes as he tilt her head back and starts laughing.

''You? Hahahaha no. I couldn't imagine myself crying over you!'' I don't know why, but that actually hurt my feelings.

''Then you shouldn't be ashamed to tell me.'' I smirk at her.

''It's nothing.'' She's resisting over and over again. ''Now tell me what you wanted to tell me.'' She says. I can't help but start smiling at her. I cover up by putting a hand on my mouth.

''I'm.. sorry, for earlier.'' I can't figure out what's she's thinking. I'm usually good at figuring out people, but it just doesn't seem to work on her.

''Why did you just leave?'' She asks me with a sad face expression.

''I just feel guilty, for what I did last night. You know…'' I stop.

''I know what?'' 

''I just don't like messing around with girls that my brother have messed around with.


Elizabeths POV


Messing around? Edward hasn't messed around with me, except from that party, but I wouldn't call that messing around. He kissed me and I pulled away. 


''Messing around? You got to be kidding me Harry!'' His face pales. ''Edward has never messed around with me! I stopped the kiss, because I didn't felt anything!'' His mouth drops...

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