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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


19. Chapter 19.

What the hell? Did he just leave? He was so kind las night and now this?


From you to Anastacia:


I just think I got dumped… 


I texted her. She is the only one you I can just text at any time and she'll be there for me and as I thought, she immediately answered back.


From Anastacia to you:


Who the hell would dump you? Was it that prink from last night? Do I need to beat the shit out of him? I actually don't really want to, because he was a pretty good looking lad, but if he hurt you, I'm gonna break his nose over and over again!


Wow, well she seems angry. It's just the fact that there's two of them that confuse me a hell of a lot. 


From you to Anastacia:


Sort of babe, it's not really him, it's his brother. I know… How do I deal with twins? ;)


I found myself laughing. How sarcastic. She didn't answer back until 2 hours later, and what I've find myself doing is just laying in my bed starring at the ceiling, maybe i've checked Twitter or something a couple of times, but besides that I've just laid here, not even thinking, just laid here. Why did he just rush out of the door. Was it Edward? No, it couldn't be. This guy had green eyes and a H on his wrist. Maybe I was a terrible kisser? Or maybe he had a girlfriend? What if he had a third brother who came to me? Why do I keep asking myself these questions. Okay, I know the last one is the craziest thing ever, but why did I even ask myself that? Why do I care? I don't even know him.


From Anastacia to you:


TWINS?! Babe you need to get out of that shit before it's too late! If they look exactly alike, DAMN, they are hot, you can't deny that, but if both of them are assholes you need to get out. I only know Edward from a couple of parties and I didn't even knew he had a brother. Or a family for that sake? Babe you know I'm here for you, day and night, just not night ;););) xx


Her words comforted me weird enough. Your mind went back to Harry, not that you wanted to, but he just acted all weird this morning, like he just seen a ghost or something, well I can't really deny that I look like a dog poo in the morning, but it's not that bad. Maybe it will help if I wrote some things down in my diary, maybe it can help me clear out what happened. 

After writing for about what seems like hours, I find myself only writing about six or seven lines. I start writing again, but it doesn't seem to help me. Shower. Maybe I can clear my thoughts in the shower. I decide to take a 20 minutes long shower to get all of the dirt off me. Makeup, sweat, get my hair cleaned as well, Harrys cologne. Oh. Stop thinking about him. He's nothing special! I can find way better than him.

After my shower I go upstairs to get dressed in my pajamas and sit on my bed to watch some tv. I slowly sink further and further down to my bed until I lay down. I feel my eyes getting heavy and I decide to try and get some rest, just until I realize that my pillow and blankets are now smelling of Harry. How do I manage to sleep when his smell is all over my stuff? I stand up and change my bedding and lay down again. I'm not even tired anymore. 

I hear the front door open and I go downstairs to meet my parents with their hands full of bags. I run down the stairs and take two of the bags and carry them to the kitchen.


''Sooo, how was the night with prince charming?'' He winks at me. My mom looking confused as I remember she was asleep when Harry came.

''Excuse me? Who is this prince charming we're talking about?'' She says putting her hands on her hips. My dad and I laugh at her even though it doesn't look like she finds this funny.

''Haha mom. It's nothing. One of my friends…'' My dad interrupts me.

''Boyfriends.'' I roll my eyes at him.

''No dad, a… Friend.'' He's my friend. Isn't he? ''Well, he came over and asked me if there was any change for him to spend the night here…'' I stop myself thinking why he even came here in the first place. Just because Edward came home I guess. ''And daddy let him stay.'' My moms eyes widen.

''Was he drunk?'' I half laugh, half cough at her question.

''Harry? Drunk? No, haha, I don't think so!'' I say laughing.

''Harry?'' Oh.

''Yes, his name was Harry sweetheart. Come on, you need to follow up on all the gossip.'' He says trying to sound like my mother when she's with her friends. She just rolls his eyes at him and laugh. 

''Well I'm looking forward to meet him.'' She smiles. Meet him? No, not a chance. Wait what? He can come over here, can't he? Like I mean, maybe he… No, he's not coming over here again. I need to take the advice Ana gave me. You need to get out! Her words repeats in my head.


I help them unpack all the stuff they bought and then go to my room again. I check my phone and I once again have gained 2000 new followers. 


''@ElizabethRN: I don't understand why I keep gaining followers. But thank you :)''


I let that out of my mind and before I know it, it's half past six. Just after that thought I hear my parents yelling from downstairs that the food is ready. I rush downstairs to find a well prepared dinner and my brother with his phone in his hand having a smirk on his face. My first thought is that he's messing around with some girl. He always is, and I get them. If he wasn't my brother and I were 3 years younger I would find him attractive too, but it would just be weird if I found him attractive as my brother. I walk towards the table and Joseph looks up at me as I sit down.


''Didn't heard you coming home.'' 

''Didn't knew you had a boyfriend!'' He giggles. How does he know? Did mom and dad tell him?

''What no?'' I say as he turns the screen to me. I gasp at the photo he shows me. ''Where did you get that from?'' 

''Oh don't be that silly. it's all over Twitter and Facebook!'' What?! ''Oh, you didn't knew?'' His face pales.

''Joseph I swear. He's just my fri… I mean he's actually a stranger. I don't like that guy.'' His face expression is serious. ''Don't show mom and dad.'' I warn him. He nods and mom and dad take their seats. 


The dinner is awkward today. No one really speaks. I just don't hope mom and dad heard Joe when he said ''Didn't knew you had a boyfriend!'' 


''So Joe, there's something mom and I have been dying to tell you today…''

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