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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


18. Chapter 18.

I wake up by the sound of my alarm. I hate that sound. I turn to face Harry, he is still sleeping. I sit up in the bed, and just when I lift my body from the bed I hear Harry again. It is still pretty early, about 6am, but I decide to wake up anyway.


"N-No…" I turn around to once again see Harrys wild eyes behind his eyelids. Is he dreaming again? 


I push his shoulder and he wake up. He wake up with his eyes wide open.


"Why the hell do you keep waking me up?'' What? ''I mean, sorry…'' He sighs.

''Uhm, you were, dreaming again, I think…''

''Oh, well then thank you.'' He snaps. I smile at him, not really knowing if I want to believe him or not. He looks thankful, but at the same time not. 


I am wondering what his nightmares is about, but I don't really know if he will answer me if I ask.

''Do you like know what you're dreaming about?'' He looks up at me.

''It's non of your business.'' He snaps. Why is he so cold today. Maybe the nightmares effected his mood. Maybe he isn't ready to tell me yet.

"Are you hungry?'' I ask. I just want to change the subject before it gets awkward. ''I can make some pancakes.'' I half ask. He nods with a smile on his face and to be honest I couldn't tell if it is a fake smile.


I put on one of my oversize sweatpants and I can feel Harrys eyes on me as I bend down to reach for the pants. His eyes never moves from me as I leave the room. I leave Harry all alone in the bed, probably thinking I am stupid as hell.

I get to the kitchen and notice the silence there is. It doesn't seems like my parents are home and it makes me wonder where they actually are. I notice the little note they've put on the table next to where I am standing.


"We're at the mall.

xo Mom and Dad".


It makes me realize, I am alone in the house. Just Harry and I. I hear the steps coming down the stairs and I quick begin to make the pancakes.


''You know, I've been told that I do the best pancakes ever". He says playfully walking towards me. He gives me a playful smirk and takes the pan out of my hands. What the hell? He went from nice, to being a jerk upstairs, to being playful and nice down here. 


"Let me do it.''


I watch him do the pancakes, standing there with his curly hair, all over his head, still so damn hot! Wait. He was wearing the exact same clothes as yesterday. I forgot he didn't even change before falling asleep. A black long sleeved basic shirt and some really really tight black jeans. He took off his shoes before getting into bed, but he obviously put them back on since his brown ripped boots is on his feet. My thought of Harrys clothes gets pushed away by hearing his raspy morning voice. 


''Are you listening?'' 

''No, sorry.'' He laughs. Did he say something?

''Yea, you were too busy staring at me, but hey, I get you. Who can take her eyes off this guy?'' He laughs. He meant himself.

''You have way to much confident.'' I snap. 

''Are you mad at me?'' 

''No.'' I lie. 

''Then stop staring at me you pussy.'' He laughs. Why does he keep calling me a pussy?


After a while he turns around with the pancakes on a plate, and sits them on the table. He walks back and takes two plates, one for me and one for Harry. He comes back and sits down at the table with me, immediately taking a pancake onto his plate. He makes eye contact with me the whole time he eats. 


''Aren't you going to eat?'' He says and balls his fist. 

''Uhm, yes of course.'' I say and takes a pancake.

''Good yea?'' He asks. I nod, filling my mouth with pancakes. ''Relax tiger.'' He laughs.


After eating up we clean the kitchen. As we walk up the stairs I try to grab Harrys hand, but he keeps pulling away. What's wrong with him? He opens the door for me and I smile and walk in and sits on my bed. Harry closes the door and leans against it. I can feel his eyes on me and I look away trying not to get eye contact with him. He then just walks over to my chair, grabs his jacket and walks towards the door. 


''Where are you going?'' I ask him.

''I have plans beside hanging out with you.'' He snaps. Oh.

''Well, okay, so aren't going to tell me where you're going?'' I stand up. 

''It's non of your business.'' He snaps again. I walk towards him and he backs. What's wrong with him, it's not like I've done him anything.

''So you're just going to leave?'' I ask and he nods. ''Without even saying goodbye?'' 

''Pretty much yeah.'' I am confused now. What kind of plans does he have at 7:30 in the morning? I lift my eyebrow at him.

''Are you serious?'' I ask him. He rolls his eyes and grip the door handle.

''Goodbye Elizabeth.'' He says and walks out. I follow him as he goes downstairs and towards the door. ''What are you doing?'' He asks.

''I'm following you to the door.'' I say with a confused look only face.

''Didn't I just said goodbye to you Elizabeth?'' He snaps. Ouch. Why is he so mean?

''Well, I just thought…''

''Yea, but you thought wrong Elizabeth. Goodbye and don't follow me.'' He laid a press on the ''don't'' He then just opens the door and smacks it. What?


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