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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


17. Chapter 17.

You watched Harry as he was sleeping, he looked so peaceful and happy. He even managed to smile in his sleep, making you wonder what he was thinking about. You turned around to face Harry. His hair was spread out all over your pillow, making the curls look flat and even more soft. You found yourself smiling looking at his beautiful face. You had a guilty feeling, a wrong feeling in your body, laying this close to Harry. You decided to move a little bit further away from him, making his arm from from your waist to the bed. He started mumble things out in his sleep, not words, just sounds. He then after a few seconds started mumbling words. ''No…'' He whispered sleepy. You wouldn't wake him up, maybe this was usual for him. ''Leave… Le.. Him.'' He mumbled out. The first second he was smiling in his sleep and the next second, his face falls to serious, mad, angry and he mumbles the words ''Leave him.'' Suddenly you remember the words Lou told you. ''Stay away from them, they're no good.'' What was that about. Harry started mumble again. ''Ed…'' He mumbled. He was probably dreaming of Edward. ''Mar…'' He said. His chest was pumping up and down, and he started sweating. You could see his eyes getting wild behind the eyelid. It was probably the time to wake him up.


''Harry?'' You kinda asked, whispering his name. You placed your hand on his shoulders, rushing him back and forth. He didn't wake. ''Harry!'' You said a bit louder this time, still not waking him. ''Wake up!'' You said even louder and he flipped his eyes open. You were right. His eyes were wild and red. He actually looked like he's been crying behind his lids. He supported himself on his elbows. 

''El.. Elizabeth?'' He asked looking around the room. 

''Im right here Harry.'' You said with a smile on your face, placing your hands on both of his cheeks forcing him to look into your eyes. He smiled.

''I.. I though you.. you..'' You cut him off.

''Never.'' You said smiling.


His eyes weren't that red anymore and the wild in his eyes has faded. What were he dreaming? It obviously included Edward, but who was Mar? It almost sounded like it was a name he didn't finish. You saved the question. All you wanted right now is for Harry to fall back asleep feeling save. He lifted his right arm and gripped your wrist, pulling you down to lay on his chest. You didn't resist him, you let yourself fall to his chest. He released hit grip on your wrist and removed his left elbow from the bed as well, making him lay down with your head on his chest. Both of his hands moved to your back, rubbing it. 


''Thank you.'' He let out almost whispering. 

''For what?'' You said awkwardly laying on his chest. His thumb and forefinger placed on your chin lifting your head up making eye contact.

''For being here…'' He pauses, but then continues. ''It's the first time someone has actually tried to wake me, you know…'' He probably is embarrassed by his nightmares. You considered asking him about the person 'Mar', but you better not. 

''I know what?'' You says with a smirk on your face.

''Nothing.'' He says and smiles or giggles. Bit of both.

''Tell me.'' He nods.

''Tomorrow.'' He says and smiles while he leans his closer to you. You stopped him right in front of your face, not even one inch away. ''Stop being such a pussy.'' He says and closes the space between your faces. What did he just said? Did he just call you a pussy? 


You felt a warm feeling going though your body as he kissed you. It was different from the other times he has kissed you, why was this so special? He started sucking your lip, and he slowly moved the tip of his tongue into your mouth. He was so gentle, so different. This is the first time he's so gentle, of course he was gentle the other times, but he's just so, calm and amazing beside from the times he has been attacking you. He moved his tongue a bit further and and you felt something even more different. Why haven't you noticed this? You felt the taste of metal going down your throat as you swallowed. You tried to move away, but Harry grip was too strong. You managed to lift your head from his so your head had about 2 inches between each other. You also managed to pull out some words.


''What the hell?'' Was the words you managed to get out. He looked confused at you.

''What?'' He said lifting his eyebrows.

''Open your mouth.'' Just after you said that you realized how stupid that sounded. He did as you said and you saw it. ''A tongue piercing Harry? Really?'' He smirked at you.

''Is that a problem?'' He said, still having a smirk on his face. 

''Uhm, no, but…'' He cut you off with a kiss. His tongue started massaging your lips and he played around with his piercing in your mouth. You didn't knew why, but you actually found it quite sexy that he had his tongue pierced...

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