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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


16. Chapter 16.

''I can't believe he did that to me!'' He yelled. He started getting really angry and looking very aggressive. ''Just one girl! Is that to much to ask for?'' He punched your wall. You were really scared of him, you didn't even wanted to go over and stop him. 

''Harry, listen.'' You said slowly walked towards him. He were still standing there with his right hand on the wall, leaning his head against it as well. ''I pulled away okay.'' He sighed. ''The kiss didn't felt right.'' 


He turned around to look at you. He was almost a head taller than you, so you found it really scary that he just leaned in over you with this aggressive face expression. 


''You pulled away?'' He said while having an evil laugh on his face. 


You nodded and slowly taking steps backwards as Harry leaned even more in on you. You kept walking until you hit your bed and sat down as Harry was still leaning in on you. He put his hands on the bed, making your eyes the same height. It made you look into his beautiful green eyes.


''Why?'' He asked. 

''I-I don't know.'' You said almost shaking as hell because you were so scared of him. ''I just didn't felt the same way as I did when we kissed, you know.'' He still just looked at you with a smirk on his face.

''So you don't like me or what is you're saying?'' He still had his evil laugh face expression on.

''I-I don't know Harry!'' You yelled at him. 

''Well why don't we just find out then?'' He said immediately leaning even more in on you, making you lay down with an aggressive, but really sexy Harry laying on top of you. 


His lips slowly met yours and you actually kissed him back. His hands started rubbing the back of your head and you immediately started attacking his lips. You slowly began bitting his lip and he seemed to like it since his tongue suddenly was in your mouth. You opened your eyes in the kiss just to look at Harry. His eyes were closed. His soft curls starting falling to your face, you closed your eyes and placed your hands on his cheeks and drove them through his hair. Harry pulled only a few millimeters away from your face to catch his breath.


''So is it real feelings?'' He said hardly breathing. You nodded with a smirk on your face and pulled him in to you, starting the kiss again.


Harry was laying with his arm over you. You were really sleepy, and as it was about 3:00am you thought it was about time to go to sleep. You had a sleeping Harry laying beside you and you just couldn't get yourself to wake him up, so you decided to let him sleep while you got out and brushed your teeth one more time.

You came back in and took off your t-shirt. You took out your contacts standing in only bra and panties, you bent down to put them in the trash when Harry started talking.


''Looking good.'' He said with a smirk on his face. It made you jump and you immediately gripped the nearest sort of blanket to cover your body. He stood up and walked towards you as you felt your legs begin to shake. 

''Harry, please, don't come closer.'' You said trying not to make eye contact with him. 

''Why?'' He didn't order you, he kept moving closer. ''You don't have to cover your body El.'' He said while pulling off the blanket. He got one step closer and you could now feel his hands on your back.


He didn't open your bra as a surprise, instead he hugged you. Your hands were placed on each side of his rips. Your head was just in the height of his collarbone. You could smell his cologne so bad, that you almost fainted. Your brother Joe or Joseph as his real name is, used the same cologne so you recognized it. It was Bleu De Chanel. Of course you weren't attracted to your brother, but you liked hugging him because of the smell. 


''Your body is perfect.'' He said kissing you softly on the cheek.


''Harry, it's about time we go to sleep now.'' You said looking to the ground were Harry was laying. 

''But I'm not tired El.'' He said almost sleeping. 

''Harry…'' You said laughing. ''You're tired, please sleep!'' You said giggling at him.

''First of all, this floor is hard as stone, so how do you want me to sleep, second of all, I wan't a goodnight kiss.'' You laughed.

''Alright, come up here, but no cuddling, just sleeping okay.'' He nodded and crawled up into your bed. 

''And what about my kiss?'' He said with a smirk on his lips. You sighed and leaned in to kiss him, but instead you turned your head in the last second and kissed him on the cheek instead.


Harry lifted his shoulders and sighed, knowing that, that wasn't what he expected. You laid on your left sight closing your eyes ready to sleep, when you felt a warm body behind you. Harry wrapped his arms around you and kissed you one last time on your cheek and then he fell asleep…


THANK YOU FOR THE 180 LIKES SO HERE IT IS! MY UPDAAAAAATE YOU'VE ALL WAITED FOR! I hope it's long enough and guess what? Tomorrow I'm going home to my really good friend Amanda and the day after tomorrow 1D WORLD IS OPENING HERE IN DENMARK SO WE'RE GOING THERE! I CAN'T WAIT! Should we say 200 likes next time? ;) Love you guys <3

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