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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


13. Chapter 13.

You woke up by the sound of your phone vibrating. 


From Anastacia to you:


Soooooo, it's tomorrow now! Tell me everything babe! xx


Jesus, why would she wake you up at 8:20am. You still felt sick, but it wasn't as bad as it was yesterday. Maybe it was the soup Harry bought you. It was actually delicious. 


From you to Anastacia: 


Oh dear god. It's so early. I can't function at this time! Let me sleep and I'll call you later darling :)


You went back to sleep, but just as you were about to fall asleep you received another message. What didn't she understand by the words ''Let me sleep'' You took your phone and looked at it. It was from Harry. Why would he be awake this early. Guys, it's saturday, this is the only day of the weak where you're allowed to sleep till' it's like 2:00pm. 


From Harry to you:


Hi El. Just wanted to say thank you for a great night last night. :)


You didn't answer, you just threw your phone back onto the table and tried to fall asleep.


You woke up again around 2-3 hours later with 2 new messages. One from Anastacia and one from a number you haven't seen before. Anastacia just wanted to know if you were free tonight. Probably for a party or something and the other one just wrote hi. Again you didn't answer any of them and just went downstairs to eat some breakfast.

When you came down your mom and dad sat at the table. Your mom drinking her coffee with her computer, probably doing some work and your dad with his really black coffee reading the newspaper. 


''Goodmorning dear.'' He didn't look up at you.

''Morning.'' You said, pulling a smile on your lips.

''You look better today.'' Your mom said looking up at you with a smile on her face. You nodded and stroke her shoulder.


You went over and took some toast and nutella and just smashed the nutella on. You didn't really care about how it looked, as long as it tastes good you're fine. 

After eating your breakfast you went upstairs again and decided to answer them.


From you to Anastacia:


Well, i'm from really doing anything. Why are you asking babe? :) x


The next one you just decided to answer back with the typical ''I think you got the wrong number.'' Then theres Harry. You actually just answered back with a smiley face. That was actually really rude of you, you thought. Anyway, you put on some clothes and put some concealer on, just to cover your spots. You then sat down by your computer, checking twitter. How was it even possible that you've gained 2000 followers over the night. You haven't even tweeted anything special.


''@ElizabethRN: Wow, 2000 new followers. Thank you? :)'' 


Your phone vibrated again, but this time it was a call from Anastacia.


''Hi babe.'' You said still sounding tired and sick.

''I hope you feel better babe, cause' I'm throwing a huge party tonight. You coming?'' Wow wow wow. A party? What for?

''Well, I do feel better. I guess I'm coming, but what's the party for?'' You questioned.

''It doesn't matter. Just make sure you're wearing something hot okay?'' You just sighed and answered back with a yes. ''Alright, so tell me everything about this boy! '' You started explaining everything that happened. ''Wow dear. He sounds just as hot as you! But I have to go now. I need to plan the party! See you later babe.'' Then she hung up.


4 hours before the party you started getting ready. It took you 30 minutes to find out which top you would wear to your black high wasted leather skirt. You decided to go with your black see-through crop top. 

(Looks a bit like this)

Well, she told you to wear something hot. It was a kinda risky outfit, because you felt very insecure about your body. You didn't have a thigh gap, and your boobs weren't that big either. 

You took a picture of your outfit and sent it to Anastacia to ask her if it was okay. She just replied back with a big fat ''YES!'' You did your make as a smokey eye, with dark red lips.

You got your purse and looked at yourself one last time in the mirror and then walked out to the taxi you've called.

You texted Anastacia all the way to the party, and those few moments when she didn't answer, you just checked twitter, instagram, facebook and tumblr. You still kept gaining followers. Everytime you logged on you had about 100 new. It was crazy.

Before you even noticed you were at the party. You got out of the taxi and gave the driver some money and then turned around to look at the house. It was bigger than you remembered it. 

You got inside to find lots of drunk people dancing, fooling around, puking and other stuff. You found Anastacia. She was already wasted. 


''Why are you so late?'' She yelled into your ear. You just looked confused at her. ''The party started like an hour ago!'' She yelled again. You just went like ''Oops.'' and she ran away into the massive group of people in the living room. 


There were at least 100 people there. You found your way to the kitchen to see a boy in brown boots, black jeans and a guns'n'roses T-shirt leaning in over the table looking at nothing. He looked like he was having a rough time. You took a drink and got into the living room to see Anastacia laughing the lungs out of herself lying on the floor with two other girls. You didn't really drink that much at parties, you didn't really see the fun part of it. You stood in the centrum of the room with your arms crossed looking around to see if there were any hot boys, when you suddenly felt two hands on your waist. It made you jump...


YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! I did this chapter a little bit longer because I WON'T be able to update the next few days because I'm on a gymnastics camp, and I can't bring my computer unfortunately, but I promise I'll be back with another chapter as soon as I get home!

I HOPE TO SEE LOTS OF NEW FAVORITES AND LIKES! And what if I challenge you again? 200 likes and you'll get a chapter as long as this next time with lots of.. Oops, I can't tell you;)

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