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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


11. Chapter 11.

Harrys POV


Well that was awkward. Elizabeth stood up and bent over to pick up a popcorn from the floor. She actually had a nice ass. Like, a REALLY nice ass. She went to the kitchen and cleaned up all the mess we made.


''Well, you can show me your room?'' I said and she nodded.


I sat up on the sofa and waited for Elizabeth to come in and get me. After 30 seconds she came in and took my hand. She showed me her room. It looked really cosy. The walls were white with lots of pictures on them. One of the walls were an Instagram wall. She had lots of pictures of her and her friends, but one photo catched my eyes. It was a photo of her and a boy on the beach. He had his hands around her waist and she had her hand on his shoulder. It made me wonder... Does she have a boyfriend?


''Sooo, this is my room. You like it?'' I nodded. I walked over to the wall to see the picture a bit clearer. 

''Is this your boyfriend?'' I said pointing at the picture.


Elizabeths POV


Did he really just asked about that. You started bursting out in laugh. He just stood there, probably feeling stupid.


''Haha, no you dick, it's my brother!'' You were still laughing. He started laughing with me awkwardly. How could he think I had a boyfriend, like, come on, look at me. Me and my brother even look like each other. And how in the hell could that be the first thing he notice about my room. 


Harry still just stood there.


''Oh haha, I'm sorry. I just thought...'' He kinda stopped it there, but you kept looking at him until he continued. ''Never mind.'' He said throwing a hand to show how much he didn't pretend to care. 


You walked around in your room, showing Harry some of the pictures and the meanings behind the pictures. He seemed very interested. You even found him looking at you a lot, which is normal, but he just looked at you in a different way. After showing him all the pictures, you sat down on your bed.


Harrys POV


Elizabeths bed is actually really comfortable. She wasn't speaking, neither was I. We had this kinda awkward silence. 


''Do you like any particular band or artist or something?'' I asked awkwardly. She didn't really answer, instead she just looked up and thought. 

''Well, I, you know The Beatles right?'' She asked pointing at me with her finger. I nodded. ''Okay good, well, I kinda like music like that.'' I gave her a confused face to make her explain it a little more. ''Uhm, I like old school, if you know what I mean.'' She actually had a really strong accent. It just made everything sweeter when she talked. I nodded understanding.


Elizabeths POV


Harry seemed so interested in everything. You've never seen a boy like that before. He started moving closer to you. You began to panic a bit again.


''You seem nervous El. Are you okay?'' Nervous? Of course you were nervous. You just found it really weird about him being so calm. ''If you want me to leave, I just...'' He literally was about to stand up and leave, but you grabbed his wrist.

''No. Stay.'' He sat down, a little bit closer to you though. You were shaking a bit until Harry laid his hand on the end of your thigh. He sat really close to you now. Harrys head kept moving closer and closer to yours, his hand still on your thigh. You felt more comfortable now, not as shaky and not even in panic this time.


Harry got to the point where his head couldn't get any closer to yours. Your foreheads were touching each other. You looked down at Harrys shirt. It was half open, so you could see the most of his chest. Harry putted his nose on yours. It made you look him in the eyes.


''There's nothing to be nervous about. Just relax and enjoy.'' He said with a smirk on his face...


HOW ABOUT THAT CHAPTER?! Can you guess what's gonna happen next time?;) I have THREE NEW chapters done and ready to publish them, but now I wanna challenge you guys! I'll post the next chapter when this story hits 135 favorites lists! C'MON I KNOW YOU WANT TO READ MORE!:)

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