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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


10. Chapter 10.

Harry texted back that it sounded amazing and that he couldn't wait!


You were still laying on the sofa. Your mom has texted you multiple times if she should get home from work earlier to be there for you, your brother was at his friends house and your dad was working at night today, so you and Harry got to be alone most of the night. 

You were sitting there watching TV looking like shit when you heard someone knocking on the door. Holy. It was Harry. You've forgot all about time. You couldn't let him wait out there forever so you just had to open the door even through you looked like a mess. Harry stood there in the door with the ice cream AND the movies in his right hand, plus he'd brought you sup. He looked AMAZING.


''Are you just gonna stare at me or will you actually let me in?'' He said with a cheeky smile. You shaked your head. 

''Sorry, of course.'' He walked in and took off his shoes. You then walked to the living room, sat all the things on the little table and started talking.


You sat in each of the endings of the sofa. It was kinda awkward.


''So tell me a bit about yourself.'' He smiled. You sat there with your quilt and a red nose. 

''Well, I have a baby brother, my mom AND dad works really late. I'm 17 years young...'' You said while giggling a bit. ''Uhm, I've just moved here 3-4 months ago, so I don't really know anything about this place.'' You kept on talking while Harry sad on the other side of the sofa looking very interested at you. When you came to the point where you told him that you've moved 7 times he stopped you..

''Seven times. Why?'' He looked a bit worried actually. 

''Well, I've always been one of those girls who wasn't good enough for the boys. I got bullied a lot in my younger years and it's been hard you know...'' Your eyes was wet. Harry made a little jump with his butt so he got closer to you. He took your hand and looked you deep in the eyes.

''It's okay. Everything is about to change. You'll get lots of friends here. I promise!'' He said while smiling through the whole sentence


Harry brought a lot of romantic films with him. He putted one of them on and you started watching. 

Halfway through the film Harry threw a popcorn at you. You threw one back and you just kept playing like that for a while. After about 3 minutes of throwing popcorns at each other you stopped it. 


''Harry! Harry stop! My mom's gonna kill me!'' He laughed. 


Harry helped you clean up the popcorns. After you cleaned it all up Harry sat down in the sofa first. You sat down just after him, but just before your bum hit the sofa, Harry grabbed your waist and pulled you down. 


''What are you doing?'' You said laughing while trying to get up to move a little bit away from him, but he kept on holding your waist tight. You couldn't get up so you just sat there, leaned up to Harry. 


You were pressed up against Harry with your quilt on top of both of you. Harrys fingers were slowly going up and down your arm. It was nice. The movie was still on, and when it came to the kissing scene Harry started complaining.


''You know what? I don't get the point. She's crying because she left him and then, when the rain is pouring down and she's standing there crying, the love of her life suddenly appears out of no where kissing her.'' You turned your head around to look at Harry. ''Like, this never actually happens in real life. You know what I mean? It's just too good to be true.'' Harry actually said something that made sense.

''Well, you're right. That is like a girls biggest dream. Why can't they just make a movie, based on true love and the real world?'' Harry didn't answer back.


He looked at your eyes. First the left, then the right, then back to the left. Your faces was really close. He leaned his head closer to yours. You panicked a bit. Just when he was about to kiss you, you turned your head to the movie again. 


''Well...'' You said really awkward. You could feel Harry sigh behind you. ''The movie is over. What now?'' You stood up...

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