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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


1. Chapter 1.

''Hello, you must be the new kid.'' the teacher said. This is the first day at my new school. My last year. I am so excited to go on college and just start on a fresh and make new friends. I've moved school 7 times. Not easy at all. I find it really hard to make new friends. Sometimes, I just wanted to dig a hole and crawl down there. And stay there. Forever. But deep down, I know I can't. 


''Yes I am.'' I smiled. Everyone in the class look so nice. They sit still. There is only a few boys giggling in the back. The whole class seem to have a smile on their face as I walk in. I actually feel welcome for once. 

''Uhm, there's a seat right over there. Is it okay for you to sit there?'' The teacher seem so calm and sweet. Smiling at me during the whole conversation. I like her.


I walk through the whole class as my seat is at the back right next to the window. I sit down and smile at the boy next to me. He seem really cute and quite different from the rest of the class. Suddenly, two curly haired boys walk through the door and into the class. They look exactly alike. Probably twins. They sit down at the table behind me. Oh. I can smell both of their colognes. Not bad, at all. 

I hear the bell and I decide to go outside with the rest of the class.


''Oh hey, we didn't really got to chat in class. My name is Kevin?'' The guy who sat next to me in class asks. He doesn't seem that shy anymore, actually quite hyper.

''My name is Elizabeth.'' I smile. The boy just nodded and smiled back, then disappeared. Weird.


Most of the time off, I just sat outside reading a book. All by myself, as usual. A small girl from the class appears and sit down next to me. I put the book away that I was reading and start to chat with her. This conversation is going well. I find out that her name was Lou, she is 16 years old, which means she is one year younger than me, but she surely down't look like that. She also moved school 2 times. I actually have a lot in common with this girl.


''So, who is the two guys over there?'' The two curly haired guys is stood in a little corner about 10 metres away from us. I don't want to point at them, so I just move the head in the direction they are standing in.

''Oh, that's the Styles brothers. Don't get near them, they're nothing but trouble.'' I am chocked about how she describes them. I thought that they were the two boys who was always nice to everyone, but I was obviously wrong.

''They are the teachers sons. She kinda don't care about what they're doing. As long as she sees them in class, everything's fine.'' She don't really seem to like them at all.

''But their names? What are they called beside the Styles brothers?'' I don't know why, but I find them quite interesting. 

''You see, you never really hear them speak or hear their names, but when I hear what other peoples call them, it's Harry and Edward. The only way to see the difference between them is their birthmark. Both of them have this kinda weird birthmark at their wrist. Harrys birthmark is in the shape of a H, and Edwards is in the shape of an E, and their eyes are two different colors. Harry has green eyes and Edward has blue.'' Wow, that is a lot of information. How does she know so much about them?


The bell ring again and Lou and I quickly get inside. On the way to class, a guy push me a bit to get quicker into class than me. It was one of them, the Styles brothers. I felt some kind of a rush through my body when he touched me. Why was he even running to class? After what Lou explained, I wouldn't expect that from him. 

You went into class and on your table there was a note...

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