' Skinny Love '

I hate him. Like really. If we were both thirsty and I found a bottle of water , I’d drink it all alone.
Makes no sense right ? Well , let me introduce myself. I’m Nellie Cayne. You must know me. I won the 2nd place on the X-Factor last year. Seems pretty cool. But it’s not. All the things I have to put up with are complete shit. Until one day my manager fucked it all up. He made me date Harry Styles. From One Direction. The guy I hated the most… I guess. All for publicity. But I’m not that kind of person.


4. Chapter Two.

I finally managed to talk. ‘’ I’m not doing it. ‘’ I simply stated. They all looked at me with surprised looks. I guess they were expecting me to say yes. ‘’ What y’all staring at ? I said no. I’m not dating that idiot ‘’ I said refering to Harry and rolled my eyes. He was still smirking at me. I felt like slapping him.

‘’ Nell c’mon ! It’s just for a couple of months until you’re on the spotlight as well. ‘’ Jason practiclly begged. I sighed and looked at his puppy face and at how adorable he looked. But no. I wouldn’t fake date Harry. Not in a million years.


>> Harry’s P.O.V


I looked at her and her angry face. Was I that bad? It was the hate thing all over again. But I couldn’t care less. I had learned not to care about the others. Some people found it odd that I stopped being that cute guy who was always happy. But it had to happen. I had to act cold.

‘’ look girl , it’s just for a couple of time , do you think I want to date you ? You’re a freaking prick. I’m doing you a favor so enjoy it. ‘’ I said coldly. I regreted it. I saw the look in her face. She wasn’t angry anymore , she was hurt.

‘’ okay whatever. ‘’ She simply stated quietly and that smile of hers disapeared. I mentally punched myself. I could change as much as I wanted , just not talk to a girl like I did.

Both our managers smiled in relief , they both thought she wouldn’t say yes. ‘’ great. Now you’re both going to post pictures with the other, so people start making rumours about it. ‘’ Jason said and I nodded , so did Nellie.

After a while of talking we both sat there , then our managers left. I wanted to apologize for my stupid mistake but I was too proud to do it.

‘’ Hmm .. I’m going home. ‘’ I said quietly. ‘’ alright. Do we need to leave the restaurant together ? ‘’ ‘’ yeah sorry. ‘’ I looked at her as she stood up , grabbing her bag and then my hand. Seconds later we were near my car. Kyle told me to kiss her so the paparazzi could catch a picture. ‘’ I need to kiss you. ‘’ I whispered and looked into her eyes. They were wide now. She simply grabbed my face with both hands and kissed me passionetly until she heard the flash sound. I smirked , she was a good kisser. ‘’ bye babe ‘’ I said a bit too loud and all of a sudden both of us were surrounded by paparazzis. I slowly got into the car and watched her head to the limo where Jason was waiting for her.



>>Nellie’s P.O.V

I headed to the limo , licking my lips. I honestly don’t know why I kissed Harry. He hurt me with his words. I didn’t care anyway. But hell yeah he was a good kisser.  As soon as I got into the limo , the driver started it and quickly drove to my flat. I decided to check my twitter.  Hundreds of mentions about Harry and the kiss.

I instantly felt like slapping myself. Of course I knew this would happen. I sighed heavily and showed Jason my phone. ‘’ I hope you’re happy. ‘’ I simply stated as the driver reached my flat and I grabbed my stuff , getting out of the limo and slamming the door behind me. 




I'm so sorry for the short chapter !

I promisse the next one will be extra long.

Hope you like it though !


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