' Skinny Love '

I hate him. Like really. If we were both thirsty and I found a bottle of water , I’d drink it all alone.
Makes no sense right ? Well , let me introduce myself. I’m Nellie Cayne. You must know me. I won the 2nd place on the X-Factor last year. Seems pretty cool. But it’s not. All the things I have to put up with are complete shit. Until one day my manager fucked it all up. He made me date Harry Styles. From One Direction. The guy I hated the most… I guess. All for publicity. But I’m not that kind of person.


1. Chapter One.

‘’ Nellie hurry up we’re gonna be late ! ‘’ My manager , Jason , yelled from the door. ‘’ you were the one who made me put this stupid dress on ! ‘’ I snapped at him and finally put it on. I absolutely hated this. I had to put a fucking dress on and get all dressed up because Jason felt like. But I knew there was something behind this. He’d been complaining about the lack of atention I was getting. Which I couldn’t care less. I hated the fame. Being chased and seeing your life turned upside down because a bunch of people don’t leave you alone wasn’t what I planned for my life. Of course I loved being a singer , but the perks of it weren’t so nice.

I was finally ready. I had on a black dress that I personally loved , but I couldn’t give Jason that satisfaction. Hell no. I also had my silver sillettos , which I also loved. My now-dyed purple hair fell on my back , I had straightened it.

‘’ Finally ! ‘’ ‘’ Make sure you don’t ask me to put a dress on ,next time ‘’ I smiled fakely and hooked my arm with his , he quickly dragged me to the limo. In a matter of minutes , we were in the parking lot of a very fancy restaurant. That would explain the dress and the sillettos.

‘’ Nell , I just need to ask you one thing. ‘’ He gave me a weird look that I didn’t really get. ‘’ what ? ‘’ ‘’ you have to promisse me first. ‘’ ‘’ promisse what ? ‘’ ‘’ just say you promisse. ‘’ He almost yelled and I bit on my bottom lip. ‘’ I promisse ? ‘’ I said not really sure of what he was about to ask me. ‘’ be nice okay ? ‘’ I shook my head in confusion. ‘ be nice ‘ ? What did he mean by that ? I shrugged it off and nodded. Whatever it was , I had already promissed. And I’m one to keep my promisses. I opened the car and completely snapped when I saw Harry Styles standing there with his manager. I quickly turned around to face Jason. This was what he was talking about. Me having to have dinner with Harry. I swear to god I’d rather get stuck with a smelly person. Then I remembered my promisse. I had to be nice to this peasant.

~~ * ~~

We finally made our way inside , the restaurant was pretty nice and I’d be enjoying it if the asshole wasn’t there. ‘’ Nellie , this is Harry , Harry this is Nellie. ‘’ My manager spoke after a while , and motioned for me to stick my hand out for him to shake it , which he did , just as disgusted as I was. Good. He hated me too. Way to go. I quickly pulled my hand and sighed heavily , this was going to be hard.

We all ordered our food and started eating , I had a nice conversation with Harry’s manager , he was cool. Not as cocky as Harry. After we all finished , I saw Jason Exchange looks with Harry’s manager. I didn’t get it. But they were just about to show me what it was.

‘’ So , guys , we brought you here for a reason. ‘’ His manager , Kyle , admitted. I looked at him , so did Harry. I could see he was just as confused as I was. ‘’ Well , tell us then. ‘’ Harry almost yelled with curiousity and smirked. The thing I hated the most about him was that smirk of his. So arrogant.

‘’ We need you guys to… fake date. ‘’ Jason spoke and I widened my eyes. I couldn’t even speak right now. I wanted to protest and say no , but the words wouldn’t get out. Harry looked at me with a smirk , after eyeing my body.

I finally managed to talk. ‘’ I’m not doing it. ‘’ I simply stated. They all looked at me with surprised looks. I guess they were expecting me to say yes. ‘’ What y’all staring at ? I said no. I’m not dating that idiot ‘’ I said refering to Harry and rolled my eyes.


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