Avis is a 18 year old girl who lives with her best friend Ember. Avis is the shyest person you will ever meet but Ember, on the other hand, is really out going. It's true opposites do attract. How will the girls cope with being friends with Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Harry Styles?

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"Avis can I go sit down now?" Ember moaned about how her feet were hurting because we literally speed walked to the food court from the furthest possible shop.

"NO!" I all but yell at her, earning a few concerned stares from people walking past us, naturally me having a shy nature, turned into a fire engine and that caused even more stares than before - I was a fire engine with sirens going off now. Just great.

"Just wait until we order we are literally next... see it wasn't that bad now was it?" I spoke a little more quietly as we started to order our food. 

When we got our food, I noticed a guy with the brightest blue eyes and blonde hair I had been staring at him for a few seconds but as he looked up and met my gaze my eyes quickly moved my eyes away from his (eyes)- anywhere else. 

"Avis...Avis?" Ember said as she waved her hand across my face. "Where you staring at that boy, OMG! Are you starting to get into guys? Omg! You HAVE to go get his number, I would go with, but I want to be a spy, I will be watching..." Her saying this just made me blush even more

"But I don't wanna, plus who needs guys, all they are is trouble, I mean I do have guy friends but a boyfriend, I don't think I'm ready yet..." I said trailing off towards the end, I mean he is really cute but I only have Ember as a girl friend and the rest of my friends are guys, yes i do hang around with guys but that is because I find them easier to talk to, but not cute guys. I know people say 'hanging around with boys equals less drama' but for me it's not, I'm like one of the boys in Logan, Dan, Jake and Zak's eyes so therefore we do guy stuff like wrestling and going to the skate park, I don't skate but it's fun to watch them try and show off their new skills. Anyway, back on the subject, I am not going over to talk to him.

As I got up to put some rubbish in the bin, I accidentally knocked into someone, my automatic reactions were a mumbled 'Sorry' but for some strange reason I had the urge to look up at the person I had just bumped into, it turned out to be the boy with the blue eyes that I was staring at earlier.

"Hi, I saw me looking over at me earlier... Oh, and I'm Niall." He said quite quickly but confidently, with an Irish accent?

"H-h-hi, ummm, errr, I'm ummm Avis." I stumbled quietly, going a bit red by how shy I was.

"Quite the shy one I see, would you like to come finish your food on my table with me, your friend seems to be wanting to leave, I guess she is supposed to meet someone?... Or just really loves shopping." He offered, and as a reply I simply nodded my head, I mean he seemed really genuine.

I walked over to my table and he went back to his, waiting for me to join him.

"Ember, who are you meeting, I remember you were telling me earlier but I kinda zoned out, sorry, I'm gonna stay here and finish my food, but I can meet up with you later if you want, but if it's Zoey or Izzy I kinda don't wanna stay, I don't wanna get in your way, plus they hate me." I whispered the last part so she couldn't hear me, I didn't wanna get in between her and her other friends, it's not fair.

"OK, sure ummm yeah sorry but I'm meeting up with both of them, yeah  just give me a call if you need anything, oh and also I will probably end up crashing out at Zoey's house, sorry, laters" She ran off before I could say anything, typical Ember! I grabbed my stuff and made my way to Niall's table.

"You don't come here very often, do you? It's just I come to the mall every week and have done for the past 2 years, normally there is a group of us that come but they couldn't make it. Hey does your friend come here every week? It's just I recognised her face from the amount of times I have seen her around here." Niall said with a slightly bubbly tone.

"No I only come here around once a month but I come on a Friday after school, but I guess I won't be coming as often anymore, I used to come here with my friends Logan, Zak, Dan and Jake but we all just graduated so... When do you normally come? I'm guessing Saturdays, am I right?" I Stumbled quietly, but I was sure I was loud enough for Niall to hear me, but he literally replied immediately, telling me about his friends and when they come and what they do here. We had both just finished our food now, and I was starting to become more comfortable around him. 

"Do you wanna walk around a few shops, and don't tell me you're busy, I overheard Ember saying she was going off with some people who I'm guessing you don't like, so would you?" He asked and I was guessing by the amount of information he knew about me, he's a good listener.

We were wandering around some shops when he asked " This is kinda boring, do you wanna go to the park? Sorry, I don't have my car on me, I got dropped off by my mum, but it's less than a 20 minute walk from here, do you?"

" Sure I've got a car, don't worry we can drive" 

" Yay, LEGGOOO!"


As I parked my car up and got out I remembered I had some pepsi cans in the boot that I forgot to take out yesterday after coming back from the supermarket.

"Niall? Do you want a pepsi?" I called out to him 

"Yeah sure!" He replied

We sat down on the grass I asked "Do you wanna play 50 questions? Like 20 questions but with 50 just as we only really just met and I think we should get to know each other a little I mean I already consider you as a friend but I only have 5 friends, well 6 now, but you know"

"Sure I would love to play 50 questions with you" He chuckled then his tone turned a little more serious "I don't see why you only have 6 friends, Avis. Why?"

I giggled a bit before I answered this question, which I was a bit shocked about. It's not like I've never giggled before, it's just that when I have it was never a girly giggle, just a chuckle really "Well this counts as one of your questions. OK, so when I was little I had an older brother who I was very close to, I was about 5 when he was 15, and I would follow him and his friends around and play football and rugby with them, I did this until I was about 12 and he moved out and we never really had enough time to keep in contact, so I had to make some new friends to play sports with me and the only way I did that was join a football club after school and I became really good friends with Dan Logan Zack and Jake and Ember was always my best friend I met her because the guys thought that I should at least have one girl friend, I also share an apartment with her!" I gush out quite quickly "Wow thats definitely the fastest I've opened up to anyone, Oh and I forgot, because I was a TomBoy and I hung around with guys and kinda acted like one? I don't know loads of people thought I was a freak... Yeah... What about you how did you meet your friends?"

"WELL!... I moved down here from Ireland a few years ago - 2 1/2 years to be precise, and I moved here halfway through the second to last year of school, I met Liam in my first lesson and we were instantly really good friends then I met Louis, he is literally the funniest guy you will ever meet, then i ate lunch with them and met Zayn and Harry and because Louis is addicted to shopping we decided to go to the mall every week and see how long we can go without not going for two weeks in a row at the moment I haven't not gone for literally 2 years, but I don't really do any shopping, I just go to nando's!" He told 

"THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I DO!!! Unless I am forced and dragged, or I got there early and needed to buy something. Haha I can see us being good friends in the future just answer 1 question. What is your hobby?"

"Hmmmm I'd say playing the guitar and singing, but I don't think I am very good, soooo my answer is eating food all the time, I am literally always hungry!"

"Oh my gosh! We are like twins! I eat way more food than I should and although this might sound really hmmmmm, whats the word for the opposite of modest,  I dunno but I stay reasonably skinny."

"Same, literally, ask the boys they say that I'm a little leprechaun who eats too much, you'd think I would have a bit of fat but I can prove that I don't. And I was asked if I went to the gym, but being the witty leprechaun I am I said 'Isn't he a cousin of Liam?' Liam was with me and all he did was laugh because they thought I was seriously thought I interpreted what they said as 'Jim' not gym" Niall spoke quite fast and his words rolled out of his mouth so easily with his irish accent. Wow! I may of just realised (not forgetting what I said in Nando's) that Niall is actually really cute and really beautiful, I know people say guys can't be beautiful, but then again they obviously haven't seen Niall.

"Avis, Avis? Are you ok? You have kinda been staring at me for like a minute now" Niall coughed awkwardly. I started to blush and I suddenly found a keen interest in the grass, which was good as it hid my now red cheeks.

By the time we had finished playing our own little version of 20 questions which ended being around 103 questions each, it was around half past five and I don't know about him but I was an expert on him now - even though we had only met each other a few hours ago. 

Unexpectedly, Niall got a call from his friend Liam I'm guessing as he said "Heyo Lili!" in his first sentence so since I know all his best friends names no-one else would be able to have a nickname like that so I'm guessing it is Liam. Their convo was short but I could tell that Niall had to go as I heard him say "Right now?".

As soon as he got off the phone he apologised and said he had to go, and with me feeling unusually cheeky I said "I have two more questions for you... Where do you want to be dropped off, I can give you a lift if you like? And What's your phone number so we can keep in contact?" To this Niall just asked for my phone and he put his number in and gave me directions to Liam's house.

"Do you want to come in? I'm sure Li will be fine with it!"Niall asked giving me puppy dog eyes. I tried to look away from his eyes but they seemed to be glued to mine.

"Fine, but I will make sure Liam approves of it and secondly, are you sure? I mean I don't want to be a burden or anything..." I state as I was quite nervous as I literally couldn't believe I let Niall talk me into being with new people, they will probably think I'm really weird by not talking to them much or will they recognise how shy I am like Niall did? OH MY GOD!!!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE I'M DOING THIS! I hope they are nice to me like Niall is, he is literally THE  nicest person I have ever met, joint first with Ember, though she pushes me out of the picture if she thinks she has a chance with a guy or a scenario of that sort. 

I wonder what Niall's friends will be like...

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