Avis is a 18 year old girl who lives with her best friend Ember. Avis is the shyest person you will ever meet but Ember, on the other hand, is really out going. It's true opposites do attract. How will the girls cope with being friends with Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Harry Styles?

Hey Just to let you know I changed it from them being famous to not famous in the second paragraph I will make a A/N about this shortly! :P XxX


3. 2.

I woke up on the couch from where we fell asleep after the movie. I had a quick spur of the moment decision to go down to the mall, it was a Saturday so it would be pretty busy but I will take Ember down to protect me.

"Ember, wake up we're going to the mall, get ready" I shouted attempting to wake her up but being the heavy sleeper she is, she didn't notice. Operation - Pancakes for breakfast is now in action. I had this plan to wake up Ember whenever she needed to wake up. First I would make some pancakes,then i go fill up my water gun with ice cold water and get my nerf gun and go to the room she was sleeping in and start spraying her and every so often shoot her with my nerf gun. This was the first time i tried it and i hoped she would get up easily. I just finished getting it ready and i walked over to the couch and did a spy roley-poley until i was behind her, my fully loaded nerf gun in one hand and my filled up water gun in another and squirted her and shot foam darts at her at the same time.

Embers eyes shot wide open, her eyes popped open when she saw the time. She normally gets up at 8 to make breakfast as she doesn't trust me as i am a year younger than her, even though i am 19, i will always be a little sister in her eyes. She got up and walked into the kitchen to see what the aroma was, but when she found out that i made her her all-time favorite breakfast, she gobbled her way down to the lemon and sugar remainders on her plate.

"Thanks for the breakfast, love. But I am still going to get revenge for waking me up the way you did, even though i needed to wake up you could of done it in a nicer way but because you made me breakfast it's not going to be as bad." she thanked me and went to go have a shower and get changed. I didn't mind getting revenge from Ember but she knows i am the prank/revenge masta of Doncasta.

When I told Ember about going to the mall she literally legged it(sprinted/ran) to her room to get changed into something "cute", I on the other hand wore something which really reflected my tomboy self. ( pair of blue high top converses, black skinny jeans, my brothers old football hoodie,my favorite bracelet that says 'sarcasm is my second language' and my blue slouch beanie. After Ember and I were both ready we both headed off in her car to the mall.

"I really need a new skater dress, I've been invited to Lily's 16th birthday party, you know my cousin don't you? Oh! She also said I can bring you along to keep me company, apart from the adults, it will be full of 15 and 16 year olds." I casually slipped into the conversation while travelling to the mall.

"I would love to come, I will need a new dress too then. It's a good job you told me now and also I brought my credit card this time instead of cash!" Ember stated thrilled that she was invited too. When we arrived at the mall we went straight to Topshop to look at the dresses, we found none but we had fun trying them on and taking pictures of our fabby dabby day. Next we went to H&M to look at the accessories as well as the dresses. Basically we looked at all the dresses in all the shops. After about an hour of no dresses that were suitable for a 16 year olds party we decided to look in Republic before we went to lunch in Nando's. Just before we were about to leave we spotted a bunch of dresses that were new to the store. I found two I liked immediately and i couldn't choose out of them both. 

"The 'Rock and Rags' one by Firetrap Lena, basically the stud one or the 'Vero Moda Nanna' one?" I mused between the two but decided on the black stud one as i would have more accessories for that colour at home. Ember on the other hand was admiring five different dresses,a 'Lovestruck Wren' one in a pebble colour or a 'Lovestruck Katlyn' one in pink, a 'Yumi camera print' one in baby blue, a 'Lovestruck Floral waterfall' one in turquoise or a 'Lovestruck Skater' one in beige. As you can probably tell, she loved the 'Lovestruck' line in Republic, and me being the one who is really serious about food just grabbed the one that was nearest to me and thanked the heavans above that it wasn't pink and told her to QUICKLY try it on emphasizing the 'quickly' part of the sentence. And as if by magic when she came out, as per usual it looked amazing on her, everything does - except beanies, but we just joke about that as she hated them anyway. 

"Go buy it before you change your mind. I am starving here and I don't exactly want to be!" I all but shouted at Ember as she walked back into the changing room. A few minutes later she walked out of the changing room just as she was only a matter of minutes ago... Flawless. After buying the dresses we headed straight to Nando's, without any stops, at full pace to eat some AMAZING FOOD! Two portions please! Mmmmm

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