When the Closed Door Opened. (Niall Horan)

I'm just a normal, 17 year old Directioner. I have a great family, a perfect best friend, and a boy friend of three years that I love. I live a normal life, just blending in. Until one day everything changes. One door closed with the past, and another opened with my future.


27. You Have To Understand.

Taylor's POV:

I looked to see Niall, just standing there with a blank facial expression. This cannot be happening. I escaped his grip, and ran past him to Niall. I grabbed his hand quickly, and I said "You have to listen to me, please." He saw the tears forming in my eyes and the desperate tone in my voice and he immediately knew something was wrong. He nodded and I guided him past my ex, and inside my house closing the door to my past, and inviting my future inside.

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