When the Closed Door Opened. (Niall Horan)

I'm just a normal, 17 year old Directioner. I have a great family, a perfect best friend, and a boy friend of three years that I love. I live a normal life, just blending in. Until one day everything changes. One door closed with the past, and another opened with my future.


6. The Big Day.

"Well this is it" I mumble to myself as I climb out of bed. We needed to leave pretty early to get there and get in line so Jess had spent the night. I walk over and tap her until I see her eyes slowly open. We get up and begin to get dressed. I'm a simple girl, I don't wear any make up, so I finished curling my hair and waited as she applied her make up. Jess looked beautiful. I hoped I looked just as good. We began to walk out of the house, I had poster in one hand, and ticket in the other. This was one of the best moments of my life. As Jess drove I stared out the window, and thought. I thought about everything that has happened this month. I was just so incredibly thankful for my family, Jess and One Direction. I don't know where I'd be without them. They were my saviors when I could've drown in my own thoughts and emotions. Interrupting my thought Jess yells " So are you ready?!" I smile and say " More than ever!"

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