When the Closed Door Opened. (Niall Horan)

I'm just a normal, 17 year old Directioner. I have a great family, a perfect best friend, and a boy friend of three years that I love. I live a normal life, just blending in. Until one day everything changes. One door closed with the past, and another opened with my future.


30. Oh my.

Niall's POV:

Tears formed in my eyes as she hysterically cried, I just wanted to hold her, but I didn't know what to do. Then she started to explain, and I became relieved and furious at the same time. Relieved because I realised what I saw wasn't her fault, but then fuming because I couldn't believe any man would ever do that to her, she was so amazing. I would never hurt her like that. I would take care of her, protect her, and love her with everything I have. As I thought about this, she got into the most important part of her explanation that made my heart skip a beat. She said everything and more that I could've ever dreamed she'd say to me. This was a terrible moment, that became a great moment. When she said those words to me, my emotions went crazy. All I could say was "Taylor, you have no idea" and I finally kissed her for the first time. It was everything they always say it should be. Fireworks, and all.

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