When the Closed Door Opened. (Niall Horan)

I'm just a normal, 17 year old Directioner. I have a great family, a perfect best friend, and a boy friend of three years that I love. I live a normal life, just blending in. Until one day everything changes. One door closed with the past, and another opened with my future.


31. Love.

Niall's POV:

"Taylor, I knew I loved you the minute I layed eyes on you.

You are the most incredible girl I've ever met, and ever will meet. All I want is to be with you, to protect and take care of you, to love you endlessly, and to always keep your heart mended. I want you, and only you. I love you, so much" I finally said it. The biggest weight had been lifted off my chest. I took a deep breathe and was quiet as I waited for her response. I wiped the tears from her cheeks and she said "I love you too Niall, more than anyone will ever know."

Taylor's POV:

Although I thought my ex-boyfriend ruined everything, he actually fixed everything. Him cheating on me was actually the best thing that had ever happened to me. He gave me the opportunity to be with the guy of my dreams, who truly loved me back. But, the best day of my life wasn't the day we broke up, or the day I met Niall, but the day I shut my past away, and only opened the door for my future with Niall. And my life was so perfect from that day on. The motto I've learned and lived by since has been "When one door closes, another opens."

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