Jessie was just looking for a job. She didn't actually want to become famous, but when someone films her while she's acting at a local cafe, she becomes famous practically overnight. Everything is new to her. When an interviewer sets her up to meet One Direction, she instantly falls in love with Harry. She love everything about him, from his emerald eyes to his cheeky personality. She won't tell him with the fear of his fans though! When tragedy strikes and Harry's left to comfort her, she can't help but fall even more desperately in love with him.


1. The job that changed my life.

I've got to get this job. I am absolutely broke! I walk into he small town cafe and ask to see the owner. 

"What for?" The greasy lady at the counter asks looking at me weird because I'm only 15. 

"Uhhhh.. I'm, um, here to ask about a job in the play?" I say. She gives me a final scan before calling out for a man to come out. 

"What do you want?" He asks as soon as he gets out. "I've got a business to run here." He says. I'm questioning how much I really want the money. Bad enough to work for him? I'm afraid so. 

"I was wondering if I could be a part of the play? I saw a sign saying you needed help on the dinner and show nights." I say really hoping he'll say yes. "I was the lead in my school's play last year," I throw in to give myself a better chance.

He looks at me up and down and finally says, "that's with the theatre group not me. Even I'd you were old enough to do it," he tells me preparing to walk away. When I hear this, I'm a little disappointed I won't be acting. 

"What about helping as a stage manager? I could do that!" I say hoping not to sound too desperate.   

"You're to young though," he says to me. "I can't hire you." He tells me. 


"We could just not tell anyone! I'd be willing to work $5 an hour!" I blurt out. Did I just say that? FIVE DOLLARS AN HOUR? 

"Five dollars an hour, you say? Hmmm... You're hired!" He says. I guess it's better than nothing. "Be here tomorrow night at 6 o'clock sharp. Dress nicely, I'll have the rest for you tomorrow. Play is 'Hairspray'." I love Hairspray! I've watched it a million times I can quote it! 

"I'll be here and ready, sir!" I tell him and hold out my hand. "I'm Jessie Crayson!" He shakes my hand and just nods a friendly not along with a smile instead of telling me his name. Oh well. 

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