Jessie was just looking for a job. She didn't actually want to become famous, but when someone films her while she's acting at a local cafe, she becomes famous practically overnight. Everything is new to her. When an interviewer sets her up to meet One Direction, she instantly falls in love with Harry. She love everything about him, from his emerald eyes to his cheeky personality. She won't tell him with the fear of his fans though! When tragedy strikes and Harry's left to comfort her, she can't help but fall even more desperately in love with him.


2. Not So Big Break.

I show up wearing white skinny jeans, a sleeveless pale blue button up, and black, high healed ankle boots. I even curled my hair!  I walk in and see how hectic it is in Kelsey's (which is the name of the tavern).i start looking for the man who hired me, so I can get some sort of instructions. As I push through girls dressed in 60's attire I see a tall man who I assume is the director. He looks a little stressed out, and when I hear what he yells, I completely understand. 

"What do you mean our Penny isn't here?!" He screams to some innocent assistant. I'm really glad that I'm helping with business and not the actual play. Which I should probably go and figure out what I'm supposed to be doing, but instead I eavesdrop a little more. 

"I don't know. I just got a call this morning to tell you that Gracie won't  be able to come play Penny." The assistant squeaked out probably completely scared.

"Where am I supposed to find another Penny when the show starts in an hour? Should I cancel it? Or just find a replacement?" The director says while pacing back and forth. All of the sudden a wonderful idea pops into my head. I was in a school play before. This couldn't be THAT much different! Granite, I did play Student #8, but still.. I could try. No, I shouldn't. I'd just embarrass myself. But what if this is my big break?! I wanna go stand right next to the director and pace, too. Before I can argue any more with myself, I find myself standing in front of tall, worried man. 

"Uhm, hi," I squeak out sounding like the assistant. "I'm Jessie," I say taking long pauses between each sentence. As soon as I say my name, his eyes widen with relief. I think that's a good sign. "I couldn't help but overhear or conversation about how you need a Penny.. Well, I know a fair amount of lines of Penny's and I've been in my school's play before, too. So if desperate times call for desperate measures... I could play Penny." I finish giving him a hopeful smile. 

He looks at me. Then he yells out more to the assistant than me, "I TOTALLY FORGOT. JESSIE JOHNSON KNOWS IT! Go tell her to get into Penny's costume! She only has like 3 lines anyways!" His stress is all gone and so is, if any was ever even there, my hopes of being in a play.  

I walk away gloomily really embarrassed. I shouldn't have even tried. I find my boss who tells me to go clean the stage locker room and go to the stage where I start cleaning the backstage changing room/bathroom. I'm getting paid. I'm getting paid. I'm getting paid. To bad so far I've only made one quarter. All the sudden the assistant runs in and drops her stuff right were u just finished cleaning. 'Gee, thanks.' I wanna say, but instead I ignore it.

She comes out, looks at me, and then asks, "Aren't you the girl who asked to get a lead role?" 

"Yeah, I was just trying to help if it was needed." I say trying to sound not like a total looser. 

"We'll, if you're willing we could use you as the part Gracie left to play Penny." She tells me while washing her hands in the sink I just cleaned, too. 

"Really?! I would love to!" I exclaim wanting to hug her, but instead u act casual. 

"Well, go change. You only got a couple minutes to learn your 1 line." She tells me. I run out leaving everything behind so I can memorize that part. Who knows, this one line to change my life. 

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