In Dangerous Love

Marley was the youngest daughter of Harry Styles and his wife, Amber. She was a bit of a rebel and had a huge secret.... She was in love with Niall Horan, her dad's best friend.... Read to find out her journey!


1. Cafe with Niall and.... Who???


-Marley's POV-

Well.... I guess since this is the beginning of my story, I should tell you about myself. I am the daughter of Harry Styles.... I know what you are thinking.... Ohh life must be so perfect. Well no, it is far from that..... Anyways, i have dyed red long hair and a few piercings here and there.... Im quite the rebel but i really dont care.... Anyways, thats me and here my story begins.......


"NIALL PUT ME DOWN" i shouted at the top of my lungs. You see, he had picked me up and flung me over his shoulder and was running around the house with me.... "Not until you give Uncle Ni a kiss" he said and pointed to his cheek. I blushed because secretly i have always had a huge crush on Niall since i was little. "Fine" I kissed the corner of his mouth and i could have sworn I heard him.... Moan? "Mar, do you want to go to the cafe with me... I want you to meet someone...." He asked quickly. "Sure Ni lets go now" I ran to the car and jumped in the front seat. He came in and sat next to me. "Before we go there I have to do something" he said. "Ok". He drove till we came to a stop in a dark alley by the cafe. I could see in his pants that he was getting hard. "You look.... Gorgeous tonight" he said and moved so he was in front of me. "No matter what happens at the cafe, i want you to know that I love you." I blushed " i know you love me Uncle Ni" "then dont mind if i do this" he started kissing me passionately and started to undo his shirt and then mine.... And well you know where it went from there.... I kept thinking "i just had sex with Niall Horan.... My true love...." Or so i thought..... We drove to the cafe in silence and when we arrived a lady, who looked Nialls age greeted us at the door and gave Niall a wet sloppy kiss... "Urm Niall who is this??" "Ohh" he said awkwardly "this is Kate" he paused for a moment "my fiance". I was officially crushed... How could he have sex with me and then tell me he is engaged...... I ran back to the house as fast as i could and locked myself in my room. "I lost my one true love" i cried myself to sleep.....

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