Whitehaven (Twelve Kingdoms Fan Fiction)

Ruri Shimohara, an old friend of Yoko Nakijima's, gets sucked into the world of the Twelve Kingdoms. Ruri lands in the Kingdom of En, which is lucky for her, in a way. Enki runs into Ruri, and takes her to Shoryu, who doesn't make a good first impression on Ruri. Ruri is an arrogant and crude. How will Shoryu handle someone like Ruri?


2. Ruri Shimohara's Profile

Name: Ruri Shimohara
Age: 23
D.O.B: April 26th
Skills/Talents: Archery, swordplay, singing, etc.
Personality: Arrogant and crude
Family: None.
Relationships: Shoryu/En-ou, the Ever-King - Ruri finds Shoryu childish and immature. However, Ruri does admit he is a good king. He reminds Ruri of an old, traitorous friend of hers. Ruri becomes an advisor to Shoryu and is trusted by him and Enki.
Enki - Ruri and Enki are good friends and agree about Shoryu's actions often.
Gyousou - Ruri and Gyousou don't know each other yet.
Taiki - Ruri and Taiki don't know each other yet.
Yoko - Ruri and Yoko used to be good friends until Ruri had to move to Okinawa. They become friends again in the Twelve Kingdoms.
Keiki - Ruri and Keiki don't know each other until Ruri and Yoko reunite.
Appearance: Ruri has light brown hair that has a small ponytail on the right side and bright green eyes. Ruri wear a white and blue modern Japanese uniform that brings a bit of traditionalism into it. Her uniform has a red tie with a white lining. 


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