One Direction and The Girls

Its about to girls Lucy and Licy Harris they live everyday normal lives...or as normal as it can get when your adopted by the one and only One direction. They have their ups and downs but they manage to live laugh and learn !


20. Zayn's Little Mistake? Forgive and Forget

Lucy's P.O.V

After I was done chasing Louis for about 10 minutes I decided to head downstairs and chill out with Zayn and Niall.

"Ello boys" I say slumping down on the couch.

"Vas Happenin?" Zayn says looking to me. I smile at him then I look to Niall.

"H-Hi" he stutters. I look down then back to him.

"Awkward!" I hear Louis and Harry say from the door. Zayn picks up a pillow and throws it at Louis and then a football (soccer ball) and throws it at Harry.

"Right in the balls!" Louis yells

"OUCH!" Harry screams "Alright, between you and Liam I've pretty much got the sense you two don't like me very much" he says sitting next to Niall.

"Lu-bear" Niall says giving me his puppy face. I turn my head away and then take the remote and turn on the TV. I look through the channel guide and see that Law and Order: SVU is on. I turn it on and begin my little 'Scilent Teratment' thing."Lu-Lu" Niall says in his sing sony voice. "Lucy-Lu-Bear" he says kissing my cheek. Damn it! he's so cute when he comes up with these nicknames for me! "Cupcake" he says wraping his arms around my waist and nuzeling up into my stomache. "Tickle monster" Ugh! I can't take it! I look down into his pleading big blue eyes and I cup his face into my hands and I pull him into a very passionate kiss. We hear whistles and 'Ooooo's coming from the other boys.

"I'm gonna go see what Licy and Liam are doing" Zayn says getting up and heading out.

"Wait! Zayn no you really shou- and he's gone" Harry and Lou say trying to warn him. I pull my lips away from Niall's and look at him.

"Don't you dare do that to me ever again" I say.

"Never ever" he says kissing me more. We hear foorsteps coming back and we look up to see Zayn with wide eyes and his mouth wide open.

"So what are they doing?" Harry asks with a smirk


"They were just making out" Louis says

"Not when I walked in, they were doing A LOT more than just-" Zayn is interupted by Niall, who covers my ears and i'm just left smiling.

"Hello! child in the room!" he says

"She's the same age as the girl Liam's doing!"

"You two do realize I can still hear you!" I yell at them. Nall takes his hands off my ears and Harry and Louis are just smirking at all of us. "Guys I swear if Liam gets her pregers i'm gonna end up killing him"

"Isn't that her dad's job?" Harry asks

"Her dad is an abusive basturd" I tell him.

"What about her Mom?" Louis asks

"Guys I really don't think I should be telling you about her past life, she dosn't was anyone to know but me and Mary" I tell them

"Please!?!" The four of them beg

"Guys I really shouldn't" I say biting me lip

"Come on we're not gonna tell anyone" Louis says. The four of them nod. I hesitate to answer. No! no Lucy you made her a promise to never tell unless she gave permisson.

"No guys sorry but you'll have to ask her" I say getting up and leaving.

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