One Direction and The Girls

Its about to girls Lucy and Licy Harris they live everyday normal lives...or as normal as it can get when your adopted by the one and only One direction. They have their ups and downs but they manage to live laugh and learn !


42. The babies Are here !!!!! \ what ever happend to lilam

Hey Guys Sorry I havent updated as much as I used to but I literaly was dying to update I kno I told a few of you that Id update that day or the day after...please dont be mad Im updating Now !!!!! Anyway ill try to update every saturday , Florida time. If you guys have questions email me @ : or me @: guady_13. Anyway heres what you all will be waiting for THE CHAPIEEE ENJOY MY LITTLE ____________ insert nickname there (TIME SKIPPPPP) Lucy's point of view Niall and I were sitting on the couchthen I felt like a peed on my self Niall when your water brakes what does it feel like?, I asked him Usualy you just like pee on your self I suppose, he said and shrugs I started paniking NIALL THE BABIES ARE COMIMG!!!!!, I yelled every one came rushing down Liam looked lile he had been crying I feel like asking him but Im a little busy he turned into parent mode and told me to stay calm and that they were calling the hospital to let the lady know. We got into a van all of us Niall, Liam,Licy,Zayn,Carrot King, Harry and their Girlfriends (cough, cough girls from the contest) we were all cramped but liam drove and the contractions started coming , all I was thinking was , OH NO! I was taking deep breaths not like in the movies where tgey go ehh ehh woo , no actually I learned that you can past out from that so Ill stick to deep breaths. We finally got thereI was sat in a wheel chair and into a hospital room I changed into one of those fudging hospital gowns i sat/layed In the hospital beds taking deep breaths the lady came in and told me that I was dialated 7 centimeters. Niall kept saying that id be fine and that he was here for me I was getting really frustrated and told him Niall I swear to god if you dint shut up I will make the last minutes of our life a living hell He steped back and looked shocked and sad. I felt bad but had no time to appologize because I started pushing, I nearly passed out but then I hear a baby cry the doctor yell Its a boy and I pushed a few more times hearing another baby cry and the doctor say The baby girl I started panting and layed back almost dying niall kissed my forehead and they brought me my babies What are their names?, the doctir asked and I said Charlie and charlotte The end ... Just kiding it isnt the end but guys I wanted to seriously thank you for being faithful and amazing fans. We will be doing a sequel for sure but not untill this one ends guys im going to bed tommoriw I wake uo at 5 am and leave your comments for what you think of this chapter and what you think will happen between Pariss/Lilam - Lucy
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