One Direction and The Girls

Its about to girls Lucy and Licy Harris they live everyday normal lives...or as normal as it can get when your adopted by the one and only One direction. They have their ups and downs but they manage to live laugh and learn !


8. telling him

Lucy's P.O.V

After I won my intense marshmallow conversation with Niall I decided to bring up a touchy subject dating. I asked him who his last girl friend was and he told me it was the girl who left him for another guy whom she was dating while dating him.Then he told me it was alright because he was waiting for his princess. That hurt to know so much because I could possibly be his princess if he gave me the chance. He asked about my last boyfriend I told him that how he was an arse ( British slang for butt) and a control freak and how on our ten month anniversary I decided that I was going to stop by his house to tell give him a present. It was a video tape from the date he asked me to be his girlfriend. I also told him how I didn't think that I needed to call because he had told me he was going to stay home. When I had stopped by a booby blonde opened the door wearing my favorite t-shirt of his and I asked where he was she told me he was busy and closed the door. I knew where he kept the extra one so I opened it and slowly tip toed up the stairs to his room the door was open and he was "doing her" so I threw the tape at him and ran off. by the end of the story I was crying. he held me tight.

" don't cry its okay he won't hurt you, plus you have me"

" thank you", I said.

" I'm sorry I had to let it out I've had it bottled up", I also said

"it's okay " he said in tears

" I love you"

" I love you to", he said back

" no I mean it I really love you", I said not thinking he got my point

" Lucy I have a question for you", he said

mm hmm" I replied

" will you be my princess Lucy, my princess no one elses"

I couldn't believe what I heard I was surprised I couldn't get the words out so I just kissed him on the lips and it was meaning full

"does that answer your question?"

" yes if it means yes then I'm happy", he said with his hot accent

" just kiss me you goof" , and he did what i said it was magical until Louis had to come and scare the schnitzel out of me

" I Got it ALL on tape " , he yelled

then I heard licy yell

Louis quit video taping people first me now her gosh !"

he just cracked up and he was gonna get it.     

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