One Direction and The Girls

Its about to girls Lucy and Licy Harris they live everyday normal lives...or as normal as it can get when your adopted by the one and only One direction. They have their ups and downs but they manage to live laugh and learn !


47. Sophia....I knew it!!!!

HIIIIIIII I'm updating from my new computer im soooo happy oh and AHHHHHHHHH THIS MOVELLA HAS 1000 AND PLUS VIEWS AHHHH Im going to update a really long one and IDC if you like Sophia she has no respect for Danielle and ....EXCUSE MY LANGUAGE..... SHE IS USING LIAM FOR FAME WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK, IF LIAM WERE TO READ THIS I COULD REALLY CARE LESS I HAVE NO RESPECT FOR THAT BITCH HE CALLS A GIRLFRIEND UGHHHHH..... ok now that I have vented my feelings I am fine to write....those of you who hate Saphi or sappi or whatever will thank me




Lucy's P.O.V


After Licy and I finished having our little ( by little I mean at least a 3 hour ) bonding moment I went down stairs while Licy had fallen asleep after having a little chat about teen wolf.  What I saw surprised me


Louis was eating carrots wearing a crown baby jess and my little angles made for him. Niall was with the babies and Harry was cradling baby Jess as she slept. Zayn was trying to calm down Liam as he shouted into the phone


"Sophie you cant explain that how could you......No no I should have known.... Im done with this ... Sophie I was using you as a replacement for the girl I love...... No No shes dating Niall .... Sophie we are through don't ever call the love of my life that shes not a bitch" he said really mad I took the phone out of his hands in one swift moment and I ran up to the bathroom and yelled at her a few things she hung up realizing that Liam never wanted to really date her I ran back down and gave Liam his phone back but not before I warned him.

" Liam I swear you have to stop being an ass hat and go and tell Licy she is dying to get back together with you she loves you it was because of the hate she was getting that she left you she loves you and doesn't want to be broken apart.... while you were eating that little shit's face off...she was crying wishing that she never had done that you better asap" I said and sat with my babies and My boo I held Charlie as he held Charlotte they were gorgeous in my eyes and I know that im going to give them what I didn't have as a child.. loving parents. Licy comes down about half an hour later in one of liams t shirts that she kept with some sweat pants and bunny slippers I had given her as a present last Christmas. She sat next to me and held baby jess Liam talked to her and I tried not to eaves drop much when I went to go put the babies in their cribs.

 I really need them together no exceptions.................................ever


"I agree" Niall said

"Did I-" I was cut off by a chuckle coming from nialls mouth

" yeah babe you did", He says as we lay in our bed I snuggle up to him and kss him good night I fell asleep as soon as I closed my eyes Dreaming of what our babies would grow up to be.

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