One Direction and The Girls

Its about to girls Lucy and Licy Harris they live everyday normal lives...or as normal as it can get when your adopted by the one and only One direction. They have their ups and downs but they manage to live laugh and learn !


32. scared......

Lucy's P.O.V After the movie i couldnt sleep so i got up and nade my self some tea. I go down stairs and i see Liam feeding formula. To baby Jessie. Who would do something like that if you dont want a baby theres such thing as protectiin damn i.... "I agree" Liam responds i give him a confused face and he chuckles saying "You were thinking outloud" "Oh so what did you think about the baby?" "Shes gorgeous and i wanted to start a family with licy soon anyway and now we have this little bundle "he says and i smile sipping my tea once i finished my tea i went upstairs and i looked at niall who was sound asleep his blonde hair a mess... i dobt know what id do with out him" i layed doen next to him his arms wraped around me instantely and i fell asleep ---/-- morning---/-- When i woke up niall wasnt there.. thats wierd... i found a note ' hey lucy, You were asleep and i didnt want to wake you up anyway Louis and harry went for brunch with their girl friends Liam and licy went shopping for baby things Zayn went with them claiming he needed more hair supplies I went to do some errands so you have the house too your self Love, Niall' Great i have the house too my self im going to start cleaning.. i put my phone in speakers and it played my favorite song boomerang by the summer set ' If i was jay-z youd be beyonce We could rock the nation like they do.. And if i was da vinci youd be mona lisa Paint a smile perfectly on you And if i was James Dean you could be my Audry Breakfast at T So thrpw me away cuz if i were a boomerang Id turn around and come back you..' I sang as the song echoed thrpugh the house i went and cleaned the kitchen first leaving it sparkly and shiny Then i cleaned each room leaving niall and my room left... we had decided to make my old room into the baby room.. Ince i was done anothee song was done and i heard something shatter in the kitchen.. im scared
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