One Direction and The Girls

Its about to girls Lucy and Licy Harris they live everyday normal lives...or as normal as it can get when your adopted by the one and only One direction. They have their ups and downs but they manage to live laugh and learn !


22. ohhh louis !

Guys im back i know my computer went crazy and its like really messed up so im going to update on my phone sorry in advanced for misspelings ok? Its on my phone and i just couldnt take it any longer lol ok heres a chappi -luXx -----------------_--___-------------------________-------------------------------------_---------_--1_-------- Lucys P.O.V After i went upstairs i went on my phone. And. Put radioactive by imagine dragons on and locked the door because of louis... i am not going to get caught singing one of my favorite songs. I put. It on my speakers so it could be heard through the whole house mostly just to tune out liam and licy. I layed beck on my bed and closed my eyes and began to think of what happened to licy and myself. Her dad abused her and her mom wasnt there mist of the time but one day she came home drunk and her and licy's dad... well kinda my dad to because they adopted us both.. hurt her baddly and i have a scar. On my left shoulder kinda shaped like a moon. Because my. My foster dad burnt me with and object it still hurts to think about it. I noticed the song ended so i put another one and i was crying. Silently. I put set fire to the rain and started singing it quietly. I went into my bathroom and pulled up my shirt to reveal. My scar. I always hated to have it because it was a reminder of what. Our dad did to us and licy. Didnt know the worst part i used o get raped by him. He was a monster and one day i couldnt take it anymore and we went back to the orphanage. Because of him i remember that i used to sneak out at night and. Sit in the huge. Oak tree in the back. And. Just cry unill i decided i should go back up. I pulld down my shirt and. Went down stairs.forgeting to wipe my. Tears from my cheeks and i went to the kitchn and made a bowl of popcorn and sat on the couch and niall c ame up to ne and hugged me. And asked me what was wrong. And i just told him that. Whrn i was upstairs i was h. Remembering somethings that hurt me in the past. And. Then licy came down stairs. Her hair looked like a. Birds nest. The boys were laughing and i just stared at her with a smirk placed on my face and then liam came down stairs i rushed up to him and pinned him to the wall. Telling me that if he l got my sister prego i would personally pull his limbs apart. Slowly and painfully he just noded and. Looked at me wide eyed im glad i made my point then niall hugged me from my back and i tured to face him and kissed him then i went to make some dinner and. Louis decided to throw some popcorn at me so. I. Jumped on his back and tackled him to the floor and i told him not to throw food there. Are people who starve he just nodded and i got up and made dinner i didnt feel like eating so i went upstairs and turned y lights off and went to sleep
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