One Direction and The Girls

Its about to girls Lucy and Licy Harris they live everyday normal lives...or as normal as it can get when your adopted by the one and only One direction. They have their ups and downs but they manage to live laugh and learn !


18. News... Good or bad?

Hey guys its lucy here im so happy. 1 )we have 142 views 2) im finally going to update And three 3) loads of drama Heres a new chapi hope you lile it luXx ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Nialls P.O.V We got to the hospital and harry was the first to ask for kylie the lady pointed to some chairs and told us to wait there for her. A few minutes after sitting inpatiently kylie showed up and told us some devastating news

" shes in a coma", she said

"N-no not possible",i said "Im sorry but if you want to see her shes in room 126A" she said I dashed out of the waiting room so fast. I got to the room and ran in. When i saw her i fell on the floor crying. Seeing that she was in the state she was because if me. I loved her. I still do. " god don't let her die help her wake up please i cant live without her please" Then licy walked with harry kylie louis and liam. They came up to me and helped me up. I could tell licy was still mad at me because of what i caused. Lucy to do. But i couldn't help her all i could do right now was pray to god that shell be ok then kylie said "Unless she wakes up in he next three weeks we need to take her off lifr support im sorry" she said and walked out of the room

Lucy's P.O.V

Im in a white room and there is a sheet of paper that shows the word yes. And the word. No. I don't know whats going on what am i supposed to do. Then one wall let me see what was going out side i saw niall crying. It hurt to see him cry but i really didnt think i could live on. Then the chic said that they were going to take me off life support then the wall turned white again What does this mean Then i sat there waiting and thinking. About the question so i just circled yes then everything came around me turn back to normal i saw licy,niall, and everyone and i said their name. They turned and looked at me then the first one up was licy. She came up and told me never scare me like thatht again. I said i wont and then everyone came up to me and hugged me. Last was niall i just hugged him and cried and cried and just felt so right. To be in his arms again. I wish i could stay there forever.

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