One Direction and The Girls

Its about to girls Lucy and Licy Harris they live everyday normal lives...or as normal as it can get when your adopted by the one and only One direction. They have their ups and downs but they manage to live laugh and learn !


2. Meeting The Boys

Lucy's P.O.V

Hi I'm Lucy my sister Licy and I share a room which is covered in posters of My future husband and brother in-laws other wise known to the world as one direction.We Are major,major directioners. Were both 16 and were almost 17 we know our birth dates because of the day we came in.We came in supposedly on the same day October 31,2013 weird I know. Because were the eldest from the orphans were like bosses. Mary our orphanage mother  called us down to get breakfast I have to go.

Licy!....Lucy!..., mary called us into the kitchen

yeah Mary, Licy said

whats up?, I said

well I have something very important to tell you. Don't Freak out but One direction is coming to the orphanage to adopt two people.

AAAAAHHHH, Licy and I cream in union. We ran upstairst and changed.We got a pretty as we could without any make-up, Mary didn't let us use any. we held each others hands and jumped up and down.


just then the door creaked open and in came five pairs of eyes I never thought I would ever come in contact with. Then I saw Niall blush when he saw the one poster I have of Niall Horan full of lip stick marks I took from Mary when I was 9 years old. That made me blush to. licy has the same thing but on her Liam's poster.

Hi I'm Simon Cowell and these boys are-

he was interrupted by Louis

" i'm Louis the carrot king and you shall obey me."

"hmm sure Louis", I said 

"I'm harry"

"I'm Zayn"

" I'm Niall" he said as took my hand and kissed it.

"and I'm liam" he said as he hugged us both

" I'm Lucy and this is my sister licy" I said as I pointed to her she seemed out of it. I snapped my fingers then she snapped back.

"sorry, I fantasized I'm licy"

"well good thing your being adopted by one direction", simon said

I swear I almost died.

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