One Direction and The Girls

Its about to girls Lucy and Licy Harris they live everyday normal lives...or as normal as it can get when your adopted by the one and only One direction. They have their ups and downs but they manage to live laugh and learn !


26. Lost Control

Licy's P.O.V

While Lucy and Niall had gone shopping I paid a little visit to our dear ole dad at the prison. I know your probably thinking' What are you crazy!?!' but lets face it, he needs a good old fashion Father Daughter talk. I asked Liam to drive me there. He was a little uneasy about the whole 'Can you take me to see my dad?' question but I convinced him.

We walked into the dirty, dull prison building. As we were walking down the  hall to a private room my dad was in several guys had whistled at me and were saying some...pretty purvey things. I look over to Liam and see his jaw tense a little. The guard put us in the room and then told us to wait. We waited for what seemed like seconds.

"Hey, Licy sweetie" my dad said opening his arms. I just stood there glaring at him with my arms crossed over my chest. "we need to talk" he said sitting in the chair by the table. This room was so small, it was like a box! no windows just a door in the corner of the room that had to be operated by a key card.

"You wanna talk, lets talk" I say sitting across from him. Liam just stood in the corner of the room watching us.

My dad was quiet at first. He just looked from me to Liam then to me again. Totally with a blank face. "Are...are you two like...a thing or something?" he chocks out.

"Maybe, why do you need to know?" I ask leaning myself on the table. I can feel my dads eyes go down to my breasts. I heard Liam clear his throat, warning him to stop. His gaze went back up to my eyes. He used to rape my and Lucy when we were younger.

"Are you two...sleeping together?" he asks.

"Dad, why so interested in my love life?" I ask

"Licy, I just want to be sure your okay". I roll my eyes at his words.

"Like you really care" I say looking down. "Okay, you said you wanted to talk, now talk" I say sternly

"David...He's, getting married" he says

"Dad, why do I care? I mean, he's...Lucy's ex!" I say my voice getting louder

"No there's more, he's getting married to...Lucinda" he says. MY MOM!?!

"MOM!" I shout shocked. He nods slowly. "Why! couldn't he find someone his own age!?!" I shout.

"They were dating a long time before Lucy and him got together. I cover my mouth and slouch back.

"That's disgusting" I say

"I have to say, your mother was always a cougar" he says

"Why were you always like that?" I ask. He gives out a sigh. "Your mom being with David was hard for me" he says

"SO YOU JUST TOOK IT OUT ON US!" I scream at him. 

"Lic-" Liam begins

"YOU CHOSE TO BEAT US, RAPE US, ALMOST KILL US BECAUSE MOM WENT WITH SOMEONE ELSE! WE DID NOTHING!, NOTHING!" I yell at him. Liam rushes over to me and grabs me into a hug.

"Shh..." he says rubbing my back.

"Licy, I loved you and your sister" he says. I grab my bag and me and Liam begin to walk out. As we're leaving the room I look back to my dad.

"Well you had a funny way of showing it" I close the door and grab Liam's hand. We started walking out of the building together... 

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