One Direction and The Girls

Its about to girls Lucy and Licy Harris they live everyday normal lives...or as normal as it can get when your adopted by the one and only One direction. They have their ups and downs but they manage to live laugh and learn !


36. Licy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lucy's P.O.V "Licy!" I yelled running up to her droping by her side not caring in i got cut. Niall pulled me back and i hit against his chest "You dont understand shes my sister niall i need to help her !" I cried and cried i got out of his grip and i ran to licy again. Its all a blur then i new the one person who did this "That fucking little whore!" I yelled crying into licy's arm. Her chest was all bloody and she was loosing blood fast "niall call tge fucking police call 911" i continued. Crying and crying the rescue came in a matter of two minutes later licy said one thing before passing out and it was "If i dont make it take care of jessie " "No No licy dont say tgat your going to make it through youll live" tgen i let liam go with her and i sat in the car with the rest of the boys not saying anything tgey kept asking me questions but i didnt answer i looked out the window thinking -------- flash back -------------- "Licy lets make a promise" i said to her we were only five at the time Ok" she giggled "Lets promise that we wont let anything happen to each other " i said looking at her we were sitting in ge rug area in tge orphanage "I promise to never let anyone or anything hurt you" she said sticking out her pinkie " i. Promise to never let you get hurt in any way shape or form by anyone or anything" i said linking our pinkies togetger and we hugged ---------- flash back over------------ I didnt notice i was silently crying and we got here "We are looking for licy, licy harri-" The nurse cut me off and she said "Shes in room 184 A" "Ok " i said and i ran to the room she was awake "Licy im sorry" i said looking at her "For what?" She asked bearly above a whisper "For breaking our promise" i cried and i hugge dher lightly "Its ok im ok lucy dont cry" sge said and i gave her some time with jessie and liam All i could think is "im going to kill the bitch who did that to licy"
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