One Direction and The Girls

Its about to girls Lucy and Licy Harris they live everyday normal lives...or as normal as it can get when your adopted by the one and only One direction. They have their ups and downs but they manage to live laugh and learn !


39. ITS A ..........WAIT WHAT?

Lucy's P.O.V (time skip) So far im three months along and we are going to the doctors for a check up and to see what gender is my baby. Its hard not having the five crazy idiots, one of them being the father of my baby, around. I miss them and its been two months since they left. Im going to ask for pictures so I can skype my Nialler our pics. (@ the doctors office) I was in the waiting room watching TV with Licy and baby Jessie was asleep ' Lucy and Licy Harries were caught at a doctors office. for Lucy's pregnancy' "Licy..." I say with a worried face "Dont worry Lu everything will be ok" "They are going to judge me and my baby " "Lu everything will be ok. " "I know bu-" , I was cut short by a doctor calling my name. I sat in. a bed and she put blue gell on my belly and we started looking at the screen "theres 1, and theres 2 " "what?" Licy and I say at the same time "you are having twins congratulations " "Licy im having twins,Im having twins" I said ecitedly "I know Lu congrats" She giggled "can I know the genders?" "theres one boy and One girl" she said "yay" I giggled (back home ) I sat on the couch we just got home passing mad fans and carzy paps. I got a skype call from Liam I picked up "Licy the boys are on" "Hi guys" there was a series of hi's hello's and niall saying hey babe! "Guys I need to tell you something , I said with a serious expresion to fool them "what is it?" Niall asked worried "Im having twins !" I yelled excitedly "Congrats" they all yelled and patted niall on the back I knew that they were going to be amazing dads one day all of them "Its a boy and A girl" I said cutting all their convos "Oh My Food" Niall yelled. I giggled and I let Licy talk with them for a while and I fell asleep on the couch
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