One Direction and The Girls

Its about to girls Lucy and Licy Harris they live everyday normal lives...or as normal as it can get when your adopted by the one and only One direction. They have their ups and downs but they manage to live laugh and learn !


23. Damn Your So Hot When Your Mad

Licy's P.O.V

I started having a laugh attack from watching Lucy and Louis fighting. "I'm gonna be right back" I say calming down a bit. I head  back upstairs to my room. I re-make my bed and then I head into my bathroom. 'Damn, I look a mess!' I think to myself as I pick up my brush and running it through my tangled curls. I pick up my straightener and begin to straighten the long thick curls. After I was finished I hear an unfamiliar voice, singing form the back yard. I walk slowly over to my window and peak out.

"What's the worst thing I can say, things are better if I stay, so long and good night, so long and good night" he sings.

"Yo! Hale!" I yell to him.

"Why hello beautiful" he says. I roll my eyes.

"What are you doing here, Danny?" I say. He fixes the collar on his black leather jacket. He then flips his black dyed hair to the side.

"Hey, Like my new tattoo?" he says removing his jacket to reveal his muscular arms in his black, tight T-shirt and frankly I do have to admit he was pretty fit. His tattoo was of...Oh. My. God. Really Danny?

"Danny!?!" I say. He smirks

"It's just a reminder that you are MINE" he says.

"Sorry, you should know I'm with someone" I say glaring at him. "Danny, I'm not yours okay, I hate you...And why me? I mean, there's nothing special about me" I say looking down.

"That's not true, Lic"

"Don't call me that" I say glaring at him again. He was pissing me off. He actually got a tattoo that said 'LICY' on his shoulder. He's obsessed

"Licy, I want you, I need you" he growls

"You better be dreaming if you think I'm actually going to date you!" I shout at him. A smirk appears upon his face.

"Your so hot when your mad" he says. My eyes widen as he says those words.

"Than I must look fucking sexy, cause I'm pissed!" I shout again. Another smirk. "Are you on crack or something?, just...Just leave me alone" I say shutting my window. The last thing I saw was him send a death glare toward me.

"Hey, Licy?" I hear Lucy ask as she enters my room.

"Yeah?" I reply biting my lip and spinning around to face her. She freezes and looks me up and down.

"Alright what are you hiding from me?" she asks putting her hands on her hips. Oh no.

"LET ME IN, I NEED TO SEE THEM, THEY'RE MY DAUGHTERS!" we hear someone yell. I look Lucy confused and then she looks to me even more confused but we both have another feeling in us...Fear...

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