A dream comes true

Sibel is a normal student from Germany. When she finds out, her favourite Boyband named One Direction give a concert Sibel and her friends freaked out. They flew to Berlin to go to their concert. But the best: Their concert is on the same day as Sibel's birthday. Her friends will make her a present.
Find out what kind of present it is and what will happen next.

This is my first Movella. I hope you like it.
And sorry if there are writing mistakes. I'm from Germany and my english isn't that good.


6. The club

Sibel's P.O.V.

As I woke up I was alone. I listened to the voice but there wasn't any voices. Where are they? I stood up. It was already 1.00pm. Why am I sleeping do long? I went to the other bedroom. Empty.
"Girls?" I shouted but there was no answer. I went back to my bed and tidied it up. I took my phone and called Abbey but there was no answer. I tried to call Hannah and Julia but they ignored me. Why? I really don't know. After one hour I heared the door. The girls came in.
"Where did you go?" I asked angrily.
"We went out and got some coffee for you." Hannah handed me a coffee.
"But why didn't you answer the calls?" I was still angry.
"Ehmm.. We we had to do something, sorry love." Julia said sitting down. They keep a secret from me.. But what?
"Mhmm.. Okey then." I faked a smile.
"What are we gonna do today?" Abbey asked excited.
"I don't know.. We could chill till the evening and tonight we go out. Party time"
I said lazy. I don't want to do something I just want to lay in the bed.
"Ohhh, you're so boring, Sibel." Abbey almost shouted.
"I don't want to do anything today.. Sorry." I said tired.
"Okey, then let's chill and watch a movie.. Maybe something funny." Hannah suggested.
"Yeaah, a movie day again." Julia said happily.
We turned on the laptop and watched Hangover 1. It's so funny. i love the scene where they found this little cute monkey and especially this guy called Alan. After the first movie was over we watched the second movie of Hangover. It was quite good but the first was better.
At 7:00pm we started ourselves to get ready for the club.  It took about two hours to get ready.

Julia was wearing a grey skinny jeans, a black top, a red jacket and red high heels. Her hair was straight but quite short. She looks so sweet.

Abbey was wearing a short dark blue dress, white heels, some nice earrings and a golden bracelet. Her hair was also straight but her hair is longer.

Hannah was wearing a nice blue skinny jeans, a black cardigan and wonderful blue heels.  She formed her hair to a messy but cute updo.

I was wearing a red one shoulder dress -which was quite short- a pair of creme shoes, a cream hand bag, some long earrings and a couple of bracelets. My hair wasn't straight like the others. I have natural curled hair. So I just had my hair on one shoulder.

"Wow, girls! You look amazing." I said with a wide opened mouth.
"Not as good as you love." Hannah responsed. The others agreed. I blushed and looked on the ground.
"Let's go girls." I finally said clapping in the hands.
We called a taxi and got to the club called 'Matrix'. As we got there we don't had to wait that long outside. We get in and it was crowded like it's the only club in Berlin. The music was good. There was a lot of hip hop and r&b. People stared at me but I didn't care. It was the night before my 18th birthday and no one could ruin my mood. We got on the dancefloor and danced freakily. It was so funny to be outside. Especially when no one knows you. Some boys wanted to dance with us but we just rejected them. We danced non stop. Till it was 11.55pm. Just 5 minutes untill I'm 18! We ordered a glass of champagne for us 4 and waited. At excact 12.00am we clinked our glasses. As we put our glasses down on the bar the girls screamed and Hannah hugged me thightly. Then Abbey and then Julia. They screamed as loud as they could 'Happy Birthday, Sibel' in sync. A huge smile appeared on my mouth and I giggled. I didn't thought that these congratulations would someone hear. Before I could imagine I felt a warm hand was placed on my right shoulder. I turned quickly around and couldn't believe who was in fornt of me. It was Harry. Harry Styles. The Harry Styles from One Direction. I nearly died. I stood frozen and couldn't move any more. I turned to the girls. They just stood there. Shocked. I turned back to Harry.
"Today is you birthday as I could hear?" He smiled. Oh god this smile. With his cute dimples.
"Ehh.. Ye-yes i-it is." I stocked. I can't believe it.
"Well then  happy birthday." He hugged me thightly. He smells so good. I don't want to end this hug but he pulled away. "Wanna have a drink?" He asked me with a adorable smile.
"Yeah sure, why not?" I smiled nervous. I think I'm too nervous, because he just let a quite laugh out.
"Two Jack Daniels with coke please." He ordered. "You don't have to be that nervous. I'm just a boy." He said smiling and looking me straight in the eyes. I blushed.
"Yeah that isn't so easy." I said now calmer.
"Just do it." He said touching my cheek. My heart skipped a beat and I think he know it because he just smiles evil. "And again. No need to be nervous." He laughed. Our drinks came. Harry handed me my glass. I took it and smiled at him. Now a bit more comfortable.
"Well, I have to go  now. It was nice to meet you." He said in a cute tone.
"O-okay.. Nice to meet you too." I smiled. I don't want him to go. But I can't do anything against this.
"And again happy birthday, babe." He hugged me thightly and kissed me softly on the cheek. Did he just called me 'babe'? Me? Babe? Oh my freaking god.
"Thank you." I responsed blushing then he left.
"I can't believe it. Does this really happened?" I couldn't believe.
"Yeeees!" Abbey shouted.
"Oh my god how amazing is your birthday!" Julia added.
"I can't believe it girls." I had a shaky voice.
"Believe it or not but you just got a kiss from Harry Styles." Hannah said now calmer. I just smiled because I have no words for what just happened. After two more hours we left the club and got back to the hotel. The others changed their clothes and went to bed. I got a quick shower and went to sleep aswell. I just dreamed of this night. I fell asleep with a small smile on my face.

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