A dream comes true

Sibel is a normal student from Germany. When she finds out, her favourite Boyband named One Direction give a concert Sibel and her friends freaked out. They flew to Berlin to go to their concert. But the best: Their concert is on the same day as Sibel's birthday. Her friends will make her a present.
Find out what kind of present it is and what will happen next.

This is my first Movella. I hope you like it.
And sorry if there are writing mistakes. I'm from Germany and my english isn't that good.


5. Berlin

------------------------------------- Two Months later ----------------------------------------

Sibel's P.O.V.

"Are you ready girls?" I shouted. Today is the 9th February, 2013. Our flight is in three hours. It takes about one hour till Berlin.
"Yeeees" They shouted back.
"Then let's go. Our Taxi is outside." I said opening the door. We sat in the taxi and drove to the airport. It wasn't that busy. We checked in and waited to get on board. After 30 minutes we're allowed to board. During the flight we didn't talk that much. We were really excited. As the plain arrived the airport in Berlin we got off the plain and walked through the airport. It was huge. We waited for our baggage and went outside to the taxis. The taxi brought us to the hotel where we were going to stay for four nights. It stopped in front of the hotel called 'Eurostars'. We got out off the car, grabed our baggage and went to the check in.
"Hello and welcome to the 'Eurostars' how many rooms do you want?" The woman was friendly. I looked at her name badge. Jessica. She was really beautiful. She had long blonde hair, green eyes and a pretty smile.
"One" I answered polite.
"Sure. I need a signature right here." She pointed on a line. I signed and gave her the sheet back. She smiled at me and gave me a key.
"Room 69" She said still smiling.
"Thank you." I said walking towards the lifts.
"Here!" Julia said pointig to a door next to a suite. I opened our room and entered it.
The entrance was small. It had three doors. The door on the right led us to a bedroom with a king sized bed, a mini fridge and a tv. The door on the left was exaxt the same but it was mirror inverted. The door in the middle led us to a bathroom which had black furniture. There were two washbasins, a huge mirror, a shower and next to the shower a big bath tub. It was the same hotel room like in my dream, with one different. In my dream there was only one sleeping room with two beds. Oh my god. It was the same. But how? I didn't even know this hotel. How could it be the same room like in my dream. That's weird. I'm confused.
"Hannah?" I started.
"Yes?" She asked looking at the room.
"You remember my dream, right?" I asked.
"Yes, why?" She asked confused.
"Well. This is the hotel room I saw in my dreams. It's the same." I said.
"What? No way! It can't." She looked at me.
"But it is. I don't know how but it is."
"Wow that is I don't know. Great."
She said happily
"Well I don't know." I said unsure.
"Why are you sad? Be happy instead. We're in Berlin and we're gonna dance tommorow." Hannah said moving her body like she's dancing. That was funny how she moved. I giggled.
"What are we gonna do today, girls?" Julia asked while putting her stuff in the room.
"Uhh.. Let's think." Abbey started thinking. "We can go to the city or maybe to the cinema?" She suggested.
"Sounds good. I'm for cinema. There is the new movie Breaking Dawn. I couldn't see it before." Hannah said happily.
"Okay, so today is movie day." Julia said with a cute smile on her lips.
"It's 5.00pm now. If we go now we can watch the movie at 5.45pm" I said while looking on the screen of my phone, reading the times of the movie beginn.
"Let's go then." Julia stated. We got our handbags and went out of the hotel. After 30minutes of walking we reached the cinema. We got our tickets, popcorn and drinks and walked in. The room was empty. Maybe people watched this movie already? I don't know.
"Wow. We're alone in this big room. We have the hole place just for us four." Abby said stunning. The film begun. At the end of the film there was a sad part. Some tears escaped my eyes.
After the movie we went out. It was dark and I think it will rain. We went back to the hotel before the rain could start. As we sat down in our room we watched another movie. Face Off. I love this movie. It's so interesting and full of action. I love the part where one man switches his face with the face of his enemy. The girls were a kind of scared but I already knew the film so it wasn't scary for me anymore.
 After the movie we went sleeping.

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