A dream comes true

Sibel is a normal student from Germany. When she finds out, her favourite Boyband named One Direction give a concert Sibel and her friends freaked out. They flew to Berlin to go to their concert. But the best: Their concert is on the same day as Sibel's birthday. Her friends will make her a present.
Find out what kind of present it is and what will happen next.

This is my first Movella. I hope you like it.
And sorry if there are writing mistakes. I'm from Germany and my english isn't that good.


2. Abbey and Josh

Sibel's P.O.V.

I woke up early in the morning by hearing my alarm. The sun outside shine bright through my window on top of my bed. I streched myself and stood up. I walked to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I look terrible today. After brushing my teeth I took a short shower and put on some black skinny jeans, a red/dark blue striped Hollister pullover and red cornverse.
At school I saw my best friends talking about something.
"Hey girls! What are you talking about?" I asked.
"Hey. Nothing important." Hannah answered.
"Oh, okay. What are you doing this afternoon? Wanna do something?" I sought.
"Yeah, sure. What are we gonna do?" Abbey asked.
"Uhm.. I don't know. Wanna chill at mine with the others? My mum and my sister are on holiday for 2 weeks."
"Sure. It would be great. But I have to go now. Have to do some homework. See you two later. Bye." Hannah went away.
"Will Josh come too?" Abby asked excited.

Abby's P.O.V.

I don't know what it is about him. His eyes, his hair, his smile, his laugh, his character. It's just HIM. I don't know since when I feel for Josh like this but it's a long time now. I know I have to tell it Sibel. How can I tell her how I feel for her best friend. But I have to say it now.

Sibel's P.O.V.

Why is she so excited? It's just Josh. Isn't it?
"Uhm.. I don't think so. Why?" I asked unsure.
"Mhm.. Okay" She said a bit sad. "Well, I don't know how to say.."
"Abby. Just tell me. Don't worry." I tried to comfort her.
"Uhm.. I - I - I think I like Josh." She said nervous. Silence.
She said she likes Josh. In what way. Like a normal friend? Or more than this?
"What do you mean?" I asked confused.
"Well. It's just like. I think I fell for him." She blushed.
"Oh.. Really? Since when?" I'm happy for her. But what if Josh didn't feel the same? I don't want her heart get broken. I love her. I don't know what to do.
"I don't know, but it's now a long time. Are you angry now?" She look sad.
"What? Why should I be angry? I just want the best for you, love." I thought for a moment. Then I had an idea. "Well, if you want, I can try to do something for you." I grinned brightly.
"What do you think to do?" She asked unsure.
"Well. Leave it to me, love." I said leaving. She looked at me unsure.
After the lesson I watched out for Josh. I saw him at his locker.
"Hey Josh." I ran to him.
"Hey Sibel, What's up?" He put his books in his locker.
"Well, wanna come over to mine and chill with some friends this afternoon?" I asked watching him.
"Yeah sure, it will be fun. Who else is there?" He smiled.
"Uhm.. Abbey and Hannah I guess." I said hoping he won't change his mind.
"Great. I'll be there at about 4pm?" He said happy.
Why is he so happy about that?
"Great!" I said with a fake smile. "Well I have to go to the next lesson. See you at 4pm." I hugged him tightly.
"See you then." He said leaving.

Josh's P.O.V.

Abby. She's so beautiful. I love her dark brown eyes when she talkes about something she likes. There is a spark in her eyes, that catches me everytime when I want to look somewhere else. But I don't know if I really love her or if it's something like puppy love. All I know is, I'm happy when she's around me, but I'm too shy to talk to her. Even she's Sibel's best friend.
"Josh? Hey Josh!" Tim pulled me out of my minds.
"Uhh.. Wha - What?" I said absent.
"I said, what are you doing today?" He repeated.
"Sorry, I have plans. I'm going to Sibel's." I said apologetic.
"Oh, okay. Well maybe another time then." He said a bit sad.
"If you want to I can ask Sibel to cancel it." I suggested
"No, it's fine I-"
"No, it's not fine. I'll cancel it."
I answered cutting him off.
Shit. All I wanted to do is have some time with Abbey. But I have to delay.
After Biology Tim and I went to find Sibel to cancel.
She stand there with Hannah and Abbey. Wow Abbey looks great. Like everyday.
"Hey Sibel. Uhm I have to cancel our plans for today." I said looking to Sibel.
"Why?" Sibel asked sadly. I looked over to Abbey. She's also sad. But why?
"Ehh.. Tim asked me and I don't want to leave him alone." I said without looking in her eyes.
"Oh.. But why? We can hang out at mine all together. What do you think Tim?" I turned to Tim.
"Yeah. We can do it." He answered Sibel.
Great. I can hang out with Abbey. It's perfect.  I grinned a bit. I saw Abbey was looking at me. My heart skipped a beat and I smiled at her. She smiled back. She has a breathtaking smile.

Sibel's P.O.V.

Good. Everything is ready now. Uhmm Let's see. I have coke, crisps, a strawberry cake and music. The bell rang. I opened the door and Hannah and Abbey came in.
"Hey girls. Come in." I greet them with a hug.
"Hey, Sibel" Hannah said.
"Is Josh already here?" She whispered.
"Haha. No, he comes at 4pm" I laughed at her. We go online and listened to music.
"How are we gonna get these concert tickets?" Hannah wanted to know.
"I thought we could all call so we have a better chance to get tickets." I suggested.
"Yes, that would be good. I'll write Julia." Hannah said walking into the kitchen.
The door bell rang again and I knew it was Josh who rang. I looked to Abbey who was now really excited. I smiled at her.
"Keep calm Abbey." I said.
I opened the door and Josh hugged me tightly. Tim hugged me soft.
"Hey guys" I greeted them and close the door behind.

Abbey's P.O.V.

Josh looks so awesome with his Blue T-shirt, light blue jeans and black vans. And of course his gorgeous smile.
"Hey." He said to us with a sweet smile.
"Hey." I answered blushing.
Hannah just smiled and nodded to him.
"Okay, so what game would you like to play guys?" Sibel asked everyone.
"What about truth or dare?" Tim suggested.
Everyone agreed with that idea. Except me but I have to agree.
"I will start." Tim said. "Abbey, truth or dare?"
What? Why me? I don't even want to play that game. What should I choose?
"Ehh.. Truth.." I said without thinking.
"Do you love somebody?" Tim asked.
Oh, shit. What should I say. I mean I don't even know if I do. What should I say? I don't know.
"Uhm.. I guess so." I said blushing.

Josh's P.O.V.

Shit. She already fell for somebody. What should I do? I wanted to tell her but now I can't. I can't ruin her life. Wait. I thought I don't love her. But why am I so distressing? Maybe I'm really in love with her. But this just killed me.
"Okay it's your turn Sibel. Choose somebody." Abbey said. Wow I missed one round.
"Okay, Josh. Truth or dare." Sibel turned to me.
"I choose dare." I smiled at her.
"I dare you to go in my room with Abbey for about 30 minutes."  She grinned at both of us.
What? I can't believe Sibel dared me to spent time with Abbey for about 30 minutes. It's a dream. But why am I so happy? She will never be mine. She fell for somebody else.
"What?" Abbey asked confused.
"Yeah! Now go!" Sibel ordered. She took us to her room and locked her door.

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