Grasping at Straws

Earth has been all but destroyed after a new disease spread like wildfire. Almost all were infected by this disease, and they stripped clean of their humanity, transformed into bloodthirsty savages. A small handful of humans survived, but by now civilized society ceases to exist altogether, and the zombies are hunting every last survivor down. As the zombie toll increases, the last humans are left grasping at straws.


1. Prologue

  I remember when it first appeared in the headlines. It started in Calcutta, in India, the most over-populated city in the world. The city was put on lock-down immediately, much quicker than anyone thought it would be, to prevent the disease escaping. And so, the world watched as the people of Calcutta played a game with Death. A game they could never win. At first the disease killed them instantly, but as it spread it took longer and longer until it was no longer fatal. That was when things went from bad to worse. After one year, almost all of the people in Calcutta were dead and the rest were slowly turning into bloodthirsty savages. But that was the problem, the symptoms took too long to show so authorities opened the gates. The greatest mistake they would ever make. Once the 'survivors' escaped the city they turned into savages. They passed their disease by sinking their teeth into human flesh.

  It didn't take long for it to spread around the world. Calcutta was the only place where the disease was fatal but we all wish it wasn't. Because to become a zombie is a fate far worse than death, and once your bitten there's no cure, no way out. You're probably wondering how I'm still alive, and to be honest, I'm just as surprised as you are. Although it helps to have some level of intelligence, surviving out here is down to sheer dumb luck.

  My name is Alex Frey, welcome to Zombieland.





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