Grasping at Straws

Earth has been all but destroyed after a new disease spread like wildfire. Almost all were infected by this disease, and they stripped clean of their humanity, transformed into bloodthirsty savages. A small handful of humans survived, but by now civilized society ceases to exist altogether, and the zombies are hunting every last survivor down. As the zombie toll increases, the last humans are left grasping at straws.


2. Chapter One

  My eyelids flicker open and I groan as I sit up, rubbing my stiff neck. It probably wasn't the best idea to sleep in the back of the jeep, but in my defense, I don't exactly have much of a choice. I rummage around in my rucksack for some breakfast, but since I haven't had a chance to raid a supermarket in a while, all that's left is a small tin of tuna. The thought of having to go back to a city in search of supplies scares me. The cities are like a zombie paradise and I'm not very keen on the thought of thousands of them hiding in the darkness of one building. O.K., maybe not quite thousands but there sure as hell is a lot. And as much as I have adapted to this new world, it's still fairly impossible to tell if a building is infested without getting too close and personal. It usually comes down to a simple toss of a coin to decide which way I should go, and as much as I love that coin, I'm not exactly comfortable betting my life on it.

  There are always ways to make the odds slightly more in my favor and I do that by following three obvious rules.

Rule #1: Don't be a hero

Rule #2: Never enter zombie-infested areas.

Rule #3: Never trust anyone, dead or alive.

  But even though some rules were made to be broken, I had no idea that in the short future I would end up breaking all three.

   I started up the jeep and reversed out of the old barnyard listening to the engine groaning in complaint. I can remember when this jeep used to hum quietly when I turned on the engine, but you can only push a car so far and now the poor thing was so worn out you could hear it coming from a mile away. I knew I needed a new jeep fast, but finding one in good condition is next to impossible. And this was my first car so a part of me doesn't want to give up on it yet.



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