Wild Magic

Charlie has an adventure, a quest, a story to tell, listen and follow her through what it seems like fairy tales.


2. Bella

I sat there with my feet hanging from the cliff, just gazing into the open, that was a month ago and still no sigh of anyone but im not alone. Everything is alive here, the trees seem to take a new shape everyday, the wind sings softly barley a whisper and as i sit on the grass theres always a warm feeling, well today there is. I dont understand, where was everyone, that was a thought that crossed my eyes everyday, it was odd here, one day there would be fresh green grass, blushing pink flowers and ocean blue sky's then other days it would be dried up grass barley there, rippled and rotten flowers and the sky pitch black. Today was nice, a small breeze travelled in the air whistling as it went by. I just listened, i thought about everything before this place, muma papa, Conner, the baker who was friends with Papa, everyone. I closed my eyes and laughed, my mind was playing tricks, it was almost as if i could here Bella's voice. Bella was a small freckled little girl, she was the black smiths daughter but useless with any kind of tool. She had a tiny voice and it was screaming, i frowned and looked around, my mind had played a lot of tricks on me lately but this sounded real, to real. "Bella" i said softly, "Bella" i yelled louder, "CANDISS" her small voice screamed, Candiss her older sister, is she here. "Bella is that you" i yelled and sat up, i began to walk back into the forest, which turned into a jog, a run, a sprint. It felt like i was about to fall, my legs were jelly when i ran, "Bella" i yelled one more time before running into someone. A small shriek left her mouth and i looked up, "Bella" i said not believing it. "Charlie" her big eyes widened and she jumped into my arms, "Charlie it really is you" she cried, i wrapped my arms around her and stroked her head. "Bella, Candiss you called out to her is she here" i asked looking left and right. "I don't no i heard a scream and i just for some reason thought it was her" she sobbed, "shhh its ok will be ok" i said gently and stroked her head for God knows how long but i didn't care at lease i wasn't alone, trapped in the silence, but i fear now Bella may be trapped with me.

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