Bad boy

bad boy just came in...


3. The Club

Then lets get ready,so we all went to our room so did Niall and me.

So what are you going to where Linn;well i think i surprised ya. So i went to the bathroom and take a quick shower while Linn is choosing a dress.So in 15 minutes i was done but Linn she was still choosing a dress.

I went out side the room and the boys was already there,so we all sat there watching tv and the was still in their room,so thhis is actually kind of normal. 30 minutes later then they came out and Linn look so beautiful and sexy with that very very short dress. She turns me on but i AM not sure if she wanna do it but we'll see. So we went to the private club and Liam was driving,so went we arrived we went inside the club,me and Linn washaving a pinch and more and more and more we were so drunk that we can't even walk straight...Linn pull me to the dance floor and we started dancing it was so fun that Liam and Danni had to pull us out of the club cause it was 3:57 a.m.


So went we reach home Linn and i went to our room i was laying in bed and Linn was climbing on top of me i pressed my lips to hers and we started to make out,by then i was on top of her i started to explore her colarbone,the i found her panty and put 2 fingers in her and she moan...Niall please i want you now,fine then so Linn was on top of me and she opened my jeans and my pants until i was compleately naked so she kissed,licked and suck my lenght and it was so good she does it faster and stop soon i was bout to thrust but of coure condom first then Linn if it hurt just squzzed my hand so i want into her and she seems to like it so i thrust in and out in and out and began to go faster and faster and deeper...She was moaning so loud...Niall...

cum to me Liona Linn and my thrust began sloppy but i kept on going i hit her g-spot with every thrust and she liked it so we kept on going,then i stop she kissed me and suck my lenght,then she put her G-spot on mine so she was on top of me,then i began to thrust by shaking my but up and down it was good,i thrust so fast that loud moan came from the both of us. Then my thrust began to so sloppy so we stop then iliked and play with her g-spot it was actually very fun to do so then i put my lenght into hers and stared to thrust deeper and faster and then it became so sloppy very very soppy that Linn and i reach our climax..then i stopped...That was the best Linn said..i never know that sex is good well now you know care for another round tomorrow,yes Linn said with no fearso we went to sleep by that time it was 5.03 wow that was kind of long for first time having sex. 

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