Bad boy

bad boy just came in...


2. Okey

It was like 9 a.m and I was still sleeping beside Niall. Wake up Niall,its morning. Hello beautiful come on lets go well actually you go first and do your shower and things. So i did,I took a shower and brush my teeth after that i went to pick something to wear while Niall took a shower.


I choose a purple singlet with skinny jeans and Niall wore a blue t-shirt with jeans. Then we head down for breakfAst,well Sarah usually do breakfast or we just eat outside.Sandwich anyone so we all took 1 piece except for Niall he took 3...

We all laugh at him but he din't mind about it at all. 


Ashley's pov


So what should we do today,we should go shopping a voice from the front door a familiar voice so i went to get it and it was Taylor Swift. So in this story Harry and Swift are just friend nothing ever happen okey. Taylor...i hugged her and so did the rest,so what do you thing shopping anyone and the girls was like yeah... can we???


Fine with me Harry said then its fine with all of us the boys shouted,well being One direction's girlfriend it is not hard at all...they even gave you credit card to spend.


Liona's pov


So what are you going to buy Danni...well i am not so sure,well when i see something i like then i'll buy it okey..

We went to this shop called Shimmer and everything in there shimmers..i saw this sparkly purple colour dress, and Taylor was encouraging me to buy it so i tried in on and it look fab,so i did bought it. For about 4 hours of shopping we went home,and so did Taylor. Went we reach the apartment the boys gave us a group hug. 


Harry's pov


So ladies,we are hoping you would join us for dancing fun,you know,he winked ans El bumped in and say you mean go to a club? Well yes and the girls looked at each other like they can read each others mine.Fine with me Sarah said same here Liona said..well okey Danni said,fine said El... How bout you Ash Harry ask,well okey




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