Another World

My names Melanie - Grace. (please just call me Lanie.)
I go to a boarding school in England. It's not that bad, like in the movies.
Its just... Every day you feel like you're in some sort of prison, because when you
see the outside world you feel out of place. Like its another world.


2. Couple Years later.


Lanies P.o.v

(Boarding school, England. a couple years later.)


"Come on Lanie!" My best friend Emma nagged at me. 

"We have to go dress shopping!" She carried on. It's been a couple years since I've been home. Since I've seen my (ex)- family. I wonder how they're doing.

I was cut out of my thoughts as I was being tugged by Emma.

"Commmme onnnnnnnnn" She whined playfully. Emma was the only one a the school I have told anything about my past to. She was like a sister to me. 

So of you proberly wouldn't notice that I used to live in California. My accent has changed completly. But I've still got the same glorious tan that all the girls (and occasional boy) would get jealous over as they were all so pale living in rainy old England.



After dress shopping.


As Emma and i were getting ready for the dance that our school hold every year and invite other schools to come. Emma was babbling on about how tonight she will finally get a boyfriend.

But I know she proberly won't as nobody ever talks to the other schools they just stay in there own little groups talking. 

I brushed through my damp dirty blonde hair while blow drying it straight. The applied my makeup then slid on my little blue dress. I chose this dress because this shade of green matched my blue eyes (with orange bits) perfectly.


 A/N   Hey peanuts ;) Comment and like this book if you want me to continue.

I'm not sure yet what will happen if I do carry on. Oh yeah and I don't usually right authors notes this maybe the only one.

In the next chapter which will be at the dance, I want to introduce some new characters but i don't have any ideas.

Please can you leave in the comments your: name/ age/ which 1d boy you like/ likes and dislikes/ and looks thanks that will be alot of help!!

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