I´m not who you think I am. I´m Liam Payne and this is my life

The well known boy Liam Payne from One Direction lives in the small town Wolverhampton with he´s parrents and his sister Sofie, who also was Liams best friend´s ex girlfriend.


1. How I Get In One Direction

I´m Liam James Payne. I live in Wolverhampton with my family and my sister Sofie. But today I am in Manchester to go to the X-Factor auditions. I´m very nervous about what the judges says to me when they see me again. Last time they saw me was in 2008, but Simon send me home from his workshop at Barbados. But this time, I am more ready to give them what I have with my voice. I am very nervous now, but I will give my 100%. Now the judges votes. First to give me the vote is  Simon Cowell : "Woaw, what a big diffrent you have made". " I am very impressed at you, I will give my biggest "yes". "Thank you Simon". Then  Louis Walsh  give me his vote: "I think you have a great potential, but I also think that you have to be careful about your voice because it has to be perfect every you´re singning" "I´ll give you a big `` yes´´". Thank you so much" Nicole had my hole future in her hands: "Woaw, I am very impressed about your voice, but I´m also agree Loui about that you realy has to be very careful about you voice, because you have a beautiful voice you have to care about". " I will give you a ´´yes´´". When I heard that, I was in chock. I couldn´t belive that I was going to the boot camp. But then I was on the boot camp, and I was being send home. I cry and I didn´t go home because I will be in this competion what ever I have to do. Then a few hours later, one of the crew called my name and four other boys in to the judges again. When we came in, the judges says that we was to talented to go in solo. They made 2 new groups. Me and the five boys, we called us for One Direction.....

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