Shadow Falls

Life can change in to an instant. Fear can take you the very edge.
Amara's old life is dead. Her boyfriend is gone; his blood washed from her soul. In a town of werewolves, faeries and shadow callers, anything could be responsible for his death and Amara wants revenge. SECRETS ARE DEADLY


3. three

Chapter 3


“So you’ve been having this dream often?” Jared asked. Jared was Drake’s brother, he was also a part of the pack and he looked just like Drake, just that he was way better.  He had a boyish smile, and green eyes. Girls at school swooned over him and Drake, but they also did that for Ray.

“Yeah, it’s weird” I said in the car, we were going to a victory party. Shadow Falls High won the football match yet again. I didn’t want to go, but being a certified cheerleader and Meredith Comings best friend. I had to go.

“It doesn’t make sense in anyway and if this dream connects to Ray’s death, it’s not helpful” He said. I had told Jared that I had a feeling; the dream connects, like he was trying to tell me something.

“But, this solid feeling” I said but he cut me of

“Amara, feelings, don’t get you anywhere,” He said pulling up to his house, where the party was “If not, it makes it worse” He muttered.

I haven’t seen Ray at the cemetery in a whole week. I went on Monday, but he refused to show himself and today was Friday. I needed to know. “Stop, being negative” I said annoyed “This could help”

“Help in what way” He said in the car. “You just causing more heartache for everyone, Ray was my best friend, Amara. You digging up memories that can’t be repeated” His tone hardened and sounded impatient. A tear slipped when I took in his words, he was saying that there was no hope? I opened the car door.

“No please Amara,” He said pleading.

“There’s, werewolves like you, Faeries, witches and god knows what else. And you telling me that there’s nothing I can do to bring him back” I practically screamed before entering the house. I saw him slam his head on his steering wheel.

Music was blazing loudly as I entered. I tried to compose the thoughts that Jared had put into my head. I will find a way, I will find a way. Is what I chanted in my head repeatedly.  

I knew I wouldn’t see Meredith tonight because she had a pack meeting about the recent attacks. I walked over to Lauren and she literally screamed “I can’t believe you came” She jumped

“Yeah well, what’s a party without Shadow Falls number one party animal” I said. This wasn’t entirely wrong, I was the party-girl, snob, bitch, you name it, but after Ray, I changed, my aura changed.

“Ooh feisty tonight are we?” Lauren added obviously amused by my sudden change in direction. The truth was I desperately needed the old Amara back, I wanted to feel normal not like some freak that happens to be a rebellious witch, who thinks she can bring her dead boyfriend back. I was going to have fun tonight let loose, forget about my crazy life for second, about Ray who was the center of my universe.


More than a couple drinks later, I was grinding with some random stranger. Everything was fuzzy and I was a bit too dizzy. I decided to go up to a room and clear my thoughts. I ran up to a room and closed the door behind me. I sighed which came out more like a groan, a plea for help.  The room was spinning and the next thing I know somebody is in the room. “Uh this room is occupied” My words slurring.

“But princess, we didn’t finish our little dance downstairs” He said eyeing my dress. Darn I knew I shouldn’t have worn this thing, it is way too short anyway.

“Yeah bout that, I’m kinda busy here, maybe later” I added trying to get rid of him. He stepped way too close to me, making my back hit the wall.

“But I’m just getting started” He added before yanking my whole body closer to him. Hot kisses were trailed down my neck “No please stop” I couldn’t say anything else; I was too tired, dizzy and longed to just give up. He started pulling my dress up. Hot tears ran down my flushed cheek. I didn’t scream nobody would hear me anyway, the music was too loud. My voice was too weak and he was too strong.  “Hush, don’t make a sound” He said against my ear as he lifted my dress up. This wasn’t the first time; I got into a sticky situation. Only difference was that Ray saved me from the torture now I had nobody left. Rape didn’t seem all that bad, once you lose everything that’s ever made since to you.  I was starting to blackout; all I remember was being pushed against the wall and the stranger screaming. I tried to make sense of what was happening before I blacked out, I saw my savior, he was wearing a hood, I gasped, red eyes. I was gone.

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